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  1. To be honest, I did not surprise them that the first time, the second, etc. Up to the moment, a higher level of contact, isn't it the same in the movies, about this! Yes, I realized the full extent of the risk, fear and euphoria, overwhelmed my feelings, but the instinct of self-preservation, dozed like a cat after a meal. Putting your hands to the object, closing your eyes, there was a state of, bud-something, you died and nothing hurts, bright all-pervading light, then video images are projected into the brain of what is happening on the planet, in the galaxy, whether the objects themselves are the same , they watched what is happening, somewhere. They can show you a moment from your past life. The ways of their perception and possibilities have no limits. After contact, I will finally know what to do, with technical structures, mechanics, cybernetics, physics, thermonuclear, the fields are vast. This is scary, but at the same time, it measures a new level that you need to manage, transfer or share your knowledge. After contact, where only did not work, such people are considered outcasts or crazy, but not ponemanie, this is the scourge of humanity. But we are not taking measured steps, we are walking on the steps of development. This is what saves us from destruction. Yes, we can be erased, not how much without steaming, at the same time. If we continue to pollute the planet, fight wars, play with beological weapons, everything is interconnected, all our actions are monitored. And they are concerned about our actions. I didn't have to be surprised, I just shared my intelligence!

  2. Well, having met fireballs near Pervouralsk, I'm not saying that I'm a medium or psychic, I felt guilty for what I did, and this predetermined my interest.

  3. The only way to prove to the aliens that we are not stupid is to disguise the planet, not to send or receive any signals)

    You'd have to be a complete idiot to welcome aliens with open arms. Many scientists advise that if a signal is received from aliens, immediately delete it, without even trying to decipher it.

  4. Drinking alcohol. Moreover, not gost-ninety-six percent, and fresh-one hundred percent.

    Surely the guys accept it too. If you have any brains.

    And, most likely, even in their alien system, they will be able to distinguish the absolute from the approximation.

    I'm sure that when we get closer to the absolute together, no special proof will be needed. They can't do more than a hundred percent, can they?

    And even if they can. It's still worth it.

    They will fly away, but the super alcohol will remain. There will be something to remember.

    And, most importantly-what!

  5. I would tell you about the life of Jesus Christ. About his feat.

    Maybe it would give us a better chance to prove to them that we're not stupid.

    It is unlikely that anyone will be impressed by our” achievements ” in the form of nuclear bombs.

  6. We know we're not stupid. If extraterrestrials are not able to understand this for themselves, then they are not so far away from us in their intellectual development. A reasonable question arises: do we really need the knowledge gained from such stupid aliens?

  7. I would show them expressions of humanity and love.

    We don't have much else to brag about.

    In terms of intelligence, they are certainly higher than us, since they arrived.

  8. Before I begin to impress, I would try to get evidence that their senses and our senses (the main ones are sight and hearing) work in the same ranges. Otherwise, they may not even see, for example, Malevich's “Black Square”. And you can't tell the squeak of a mosquito from the conventional Beethoven's 14th symphony. It is also important to know that their brains work at least about the same as ours. Because otherwise it will be hard to hope that they may not understand that “we are not stupid” or want to prove to them that “we are not stupid”. With all the ensuing consequences.

  9. I would share with them a golden collection of the smartest human quotes. I am sure that in the entire universe there are not so many wise thoughts as earthlings…








  10. If this question was asked by aliens, then you don't have to answer it. Because the system of our thinking is not closed in nature, but is based on the analysis of images and readings of information from the surrounding space. They understand everything about every living individual. Those who arrive “headier” than us will be.

  11. If they doubt that we are not stupid, then we are stupid for them,and we are unlikely to be able to prove the opposite.I would tell them all the great achievements of humanity,but if they are not impressed, then we are stupid in comparison.

  12. Just like ants and bees prove it to us. Nothing and nothing.

    Imagine that you have mastered superluminal speeds, thanks to which your civilization has reached unprecedented heights and you have begun to surf the universe in order to learn it. You have visited many planets, seen life in its most diverse manifestations. Will you be impressed by one species that has spread all over the planet, killing both it and yourself with its actions? Most likely, you will consider it a miscalculation of nature, although you most likely have already met similar organizations on your way. Slightly more complex than their ancestors, but naively considering themselves intelligent, although most, if not all of their actions are dictated by the same nature. Their speech for you will not differ from the hooting of talking gorillas, their science will only be a developed tool for survival, like the adaptability of living organisms to changing conditions, and their entire culture is a diverse analogue of mating dances of birds. The very idea of putting this species at least roughly on a par with itself would amuse you wildly, just as a person would be amused by the idea of recognizing the independence and sovereignty of all anthills and bee hives. Rather, you would make a couple of observations, perhaps take a quick look at their culture and social structure, and just move on, thinking to yourself about the absurdity and wildness of the nature you encounter.

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