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  1. By and large, yes. But understanding yourself as an artist, and your products as artistic, that is, pursuing aesthetic goals and setting plastic tasks (in the broadest sense of these definitions) is only the first, albeit important step. This self-positioning of the artist historically arose quite late, and is associated with the modernist era – the middle of the XIX century. Josef Beuys 'famous statement” Every person is an artist” – that every human being is able and should turn to the source of creativity inherent in him, or (in the terminology of psychological trainings:) “to reveal his creative potential”.It is much more important (and more difficult) to confirm statements about your own artistic status with practical activities. A good example of this is the current state of art education. Academic art education has become just one of the possible paths to the profession, and not the shortest one. In Europe, all this happened immediately after the events of 1968-see the activities of the same Beuys as a teacher at the Dusseldorf Academy. And yet, no graduate of an art university (or any serious art education program for artists) is automatically an artist after receiving a diploma.

  2. By and large, yes.

    In any case, even if you still haven't created anything, you can always say that your work is still in your thoughts or (as has already happened) your whole life is your work of art, and even to the point that you don't have to answer to anyone at all and you are an artist and that's all… that's how you feel.

    It's another matter if you want to earn money and be a professional artist. We'll have to do something about it. If you (suddenly) decide to make money creating contemporary art, then at least you need to be able to correctly explain your art. If you want to be an illustrator, you need to be able to draw well, etc.

    But coming back to your question “An artist is someone who calls himself an artist?” “who cares who you are until you've done something. Call yourself at least Napoleon, but the responsibility for any consequences will lie only on you.

    ps I think if they suddenly said “today we will shoot everyone who calls themselves an artist” – very few people would need to beat their chest with their fist and shout “I am an Artist!”:)

  3. I believe that an artist is a state of mind. it doesn't matter how you express it, or if you express it at all. I think we are all artists to some extent, just each in his own way.�

    in the classical sense, you can call yourself an artist, but in fact not be one, or you can not be called and create beautiful things. perhaps this is also a question about your esv (roughly speaking).

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