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  1. as one woman said — ” anyone can write, but real poetry requires feeling.” I would say not even one, but several. a sense of the word, a sense of rhyme, and most importantly — a simple human. but the fact is that they are collectively not given to everyone, not everyone feels this human feeling. why am I talking about him? everything technical (rhymes-rhythms) can be worked out (I'm not sure about the sense of the word as a technical one), but here, after all, there must be a fine mental organization.

    I think I've started to get off the subject.


    everyone can write, but no one can become a poet.

  2. With proper diligence, anyone can express their inner feelings through rhyme and syllable to make it sound great. It's all about the skill you've acquired, achieved through trial and error! There is no such thing as an innate poetic gift, and if you want to become a poet, the flag is in your hands!

    Work hard, write, read! And don't get all worked up about your original talent.

  3. In fact, everyone can write. The law is not prohibited, as they say. But it is still necessary to distinguish between two categories of writers: those who write from under the conditional emptiness and those who still have their hand to the pen, and the soul is so eager for hot lines. It is still not clear what state was experienced by well-known poets like Pushkin, Lermontov, Blok, Akhmatova, etc. So let's take for granted that the poet, as Pushkin believed, is a prophet and to some extent enlightened or born with a pen in his hand.

  4. If a person who writes poetry is considered a poet, then yes-anyone. For some people, writing poetry is particularly difficult, but even with a certain amount of training, they will be able to write something (and in the future they will be able to write poetry more easily). But it is not easy to become a good poet, and it is also very, very difficult to be one. Sometimes it seems that some types of art have passed the peak of their development, and now they belong in a museum. Or at the theater.

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