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  1. You can print it in one. I didn't have any experience, but I know that any mini-printing company can do it. You can find print shops through friends or teachers who have published manuals, or by searching the map in your city.

  2. You can contact any nearby printing company. And then the cost depends on the size of the book, the quality of the paper, the binding. All this is discussed when ordering. I ordered a book, 62 pages. Black and white printing, offset paper, I don't really remember the size, softcover. It's bound together like a notebook. It cost 92 rubles last spring. The cover is also made of offset paper.

  3. “Printing books in a single copy. On what printer and in general let's discuss?”


    1. Do you have a printer? 2. Do you have the text in electronic form? 3. If more than 20 pages: suits “on a spring” or do you want to sew on notebooks? 4. Do you need color illustrations? 5. Do you know how to do something yourself, or do you want to be completely “turnkey”?
  4. Yes. �I haven't been interested since the dashing noughties, really. At that time, Internet services were just emerging that allowed publishing books without any initial print runs at all. Then, anyone could order at least one book, even a lot. For the reader, the book was not cheap. But here is a cheaper way to publish your own “circulation in one book” – does not exist in nature.

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