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  1. I agree with the answer above. The concepts of “classical music” and “academic music”are often confused. Actually, the classics have all been written long ago (in the era of classicism), and academic music is written to this day.

  2. There are relatively modern musicians who are already considered classics, and not even a hundred years have passed since they created.

    The first modern classics that came to mind were Armstrong, Sinatra, Abba and the Beatles

    It's hard to imagine the modern world without hello dolly, without yesterday, or without Sinatra's Christmas music and Abba's happy new year during the holidays, don't you agree?

  3. Music is called classical not because of its length of service, but because it was created in the classical era. Everything else that is called a classic in fact is not. Usually when people say “classic” they mean that this music is well-known, well-deserved, and formed the basis of the style.

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