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  1. Regular user 🙂

    In general, people in social networks are divided into three main types::

    1. Those who don't know how to set up “privacy”. These people will have their page opened unknowingly. They don't really think about such questions and may not even know that their “wall” is read not only by their friends.�

    2. Those who are looking for online publicity. Then their page will be opened specifically so that as many people as possible can see it.

    3. Those who created the page only for personal communication. Real friends, not for the entire Internet. Then such people will block access to the page.�

    So, a closed page in the VK is an absolutely rational approach. It's just that these users make posts only for friends. They don't want anyone to look at their personal photos (especially when it comes to their family or children). We are not ready for anyone other than friends to participate in discussions and so on. This is a normal approach, which, in fact, I would advise anyone who is not a public person, or does not seek publicity. Since the Internet is still the wild west. And running into an inadequate user who just happens to see your page is actually not so difficult. And who needs extra negative emotions?

  2. Most likely, such a person is afraid for their safety on the Internet, so they close the page. But it can also be a person who needs social networks only to communicate with family, friends, and colleagues. And the 3rd reason – this person is underage, and the parents tell the child to close the profile. I also closed the VKontakte page, because I'm worried about my safety and don't want my posts to be viewed by anyone who wants to. Even this answer I write anonymously.

  3. I don't understand why you are so attached to such people. they're all DIFFERENT. just because the vk page is closed doesn't mean anything.�

    I get bombed because the page is closed. maybe I think that someone really needs me and guys will look at my page and write to me? Oh, my God, NO!
    Maybe I closed it because I'm an arrogant bitch and I think everyone always wants to see my photo? opa, no-and
    maybe I'm just so comfortable, because there are people with whom we are in kontra, and tk I sometimes look at their pages, I understand that they can do this (but not the fact)?
    Maybe I just don't want anyone to see the groups I'm subscribed to.Oh my God, yes

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