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  1. Postmodernism is a set of trends in art and philosophy aimed at overcoming the culture of the New Time (i.e. Modern period-hence the name “postmodernism”). Postmodernists criticize the absolute value of rationalism, science, order and other attributes of modernity, considering them overwhelming and limiting.

    Discourse – in the first approximation, it is a certain set of ideas and statements, the context surrounding them and a special way of their design; a kind of information space in which certain types of texts appear and exist. For example, when we say “modern scientific discourse”, we mean a set of texts characterized by a specific style and created by people of a certain circle (“scientists”), which are based on some general ideas (for example, the ideas of” science”,” scientific methodology”, etc.).

    Metaphysics – in modern philosophy-is a branch that studies the true nature of reality, i.e. answers the question ” what is reality really like?” Some philosophers, for various reasons, deny the value of metaphysics, considering metaphysical questions inaccessible to human understanding, in other words, unsolvable.

    It should also be clarified that the terms “discourse” and “metaphysics” can be used in different meanings by different authors.

  2. MSU in two words: dog food. All this comes from the realm of verbiage, where the real world and human practice are pushed aside and everything is reduced to purely verbal games.

    Well, let's say the same postmodernism, which declares that there is no truth, there are opinions, and they are all equal. But even the most stubborn postmodernists in the real world will prefer to turn to those who have knowledge, and not “opinions”. See a doctor, pilot, electrician, plumber, cook, etc.

  3. Discourse is a multi-valued word. Everything in our world has its own discourse. This is an environment of words, events, actions, and circumstances.

    Postmodernism is a trend in art that appeared after modernism, that is, about 70 years ago. The main feature is quoting ( using an already created one).

    Metaphysics. Almost everything that happens in the material world can be explained by the laws of physics. But there is no denying that there are things that are not subject to these laws: love, for example.�

    This is only for seventh graders)

  4. Postmodernism is a culture that encompasses a lot of different things, but is entirely built on a single basic idea: There is no right and wrong point of view… There are only different opinions. Any phenomenon that somehow justifies its significance through the fact that it also has its own connoisseurs can be considered postmodern.

    Discourse is a French word (la discours) that denotes speech, but not in the sense of “speech as action” (this is la parole), but in the sense of”speech practice”. Simply put, a discourse is a set of characteristic speech practices, united only by the fact that they are often used in the same context for the same purpose. For example, we can talk about a liberal discourse. This is a set of all those typical phrases, analogies, rhetorical techniques that are traditionally used in the discussion of a liberal who does not suspect that he is not expressing his own thoughts, but simply reproduces a standard discourse. In the same way, we can talk about patriotic discourse. Patriots have their own examples from life, typical statements and all explanatory analogies. They are completely different. But they are just as standard. Because this is also a discourse.

    Metaphysics is an axiom for the humanities. In the exact sciences, there are axioms on which everything else is based. For example, in geometry, there are five axioms from which the entire Euclidean geometry is derived. These axioms follow absolutely from nothing. They are simply postulated. So that you can at least start from something and start reasoning. If we take as a basis a different system of axioms, then we can deduce completely different theorems and a completely different geometry. It's the same in the humanities. Similarly, there are certain sets of basic axioms from which all other ideas are derived by reasoning. And from different metaphysical bases, completely different pictures of the world are derived.

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