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  1. La migliore offerta (2012) is a detective feature film directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. An elderly auctioneer and art collector, Virgil Oldman, receives an order to appraise items from a mysterious client named Claire, who has agoraphobia and has never left her mansion in the last twelve years. As he works in her house, he not only uncovers the mystery of the strange gears and mechanisms scattered everywhere, but also gradually falls in love with the hostess herself. To win the girl's heart, he is helped by the advice of friends: a young mechanic and connoisseur of women, Robert, and a failed artist, Billy, an accomplice of Oldman in scams with paintings. However, soon Virgil will have to reassess his values and take a fresh look at his life.

    Life on Mars (2006-2007) — The main character of the series is Sam Tyler, a detective inspector of the modern Manchester police, as a result of a car accident in Manchester in 1973. Sam does not understand what has happened to him, believing that either he is in a coma, has lost his mind, or has actually traveled through time. The reality of what is happening around him leaves him no choice, forcing him to work as a senior detective under the leadership of the odious chief Gene Hunt.

    Sydney (1996) – John was sitting at the entrance of a tavern and longed for a cup of coffee: today he lost all his money. Passing by, a generous gentleman named Sidney treated the poor guy to breakfast, and during the conversation he told how you can make a lot of money playing in a casino. Under his careful guidance, John turned into a first-class player, and together the sweet couple began to collect a “golden harvest” across the country. All went well until John fell in love with a waitress named Clementine.

    Gone Girl (2014) – The film is based on the novel “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn (2012). The picture can become a platform for disputes on the topic of family, responsibility, loyalty and honesty. She mercilessly dissects the American Institute of marriage in front of the audience and convincingly proves how useless a modern person is in an era of total depersonalization in the consumer society.

  2. Dust, for Marx, Big Show, Rejection… This is from Russia. If we prefer export, we can check out Lobster, Seven Psychopaths, or some “Ship's News”, for example.

  3. To be honest, I don't see anything “intellectual” in “Lucky Number…” – an ordinary film, boring written, boring shot. For comparison, a great similar film is “The Usual Suspects” Singer.�

    In the first season of “ND”, much is taken from the film “Seven” by David Fincher;
    In general, there is a good article on this issue, with many recommendations, I have nothing to add directly. “How the TV series “True Detective “works”

    For me, an “intellectually rich” movie is Bergman's Persona, Antonioni's Photo Magnification, Tarkovsky's Stalker, Jarmusch's Dead Man, and similar films that are open to many interpretations and designed for active co-creation by the viewer.

  4. Films: “I am the beginning”, “Another Earth”, “Remember”, “Time Patrol”, “Island of the Damned”, “Passengers”, “House of Dreams”, “Substitution”.

    From TV shows: maybe “Force Majeure”.

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