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  1. Things happen. At such moments (although they already seem to be familiar..), you start to think about the reasons and components. And their mass: from introspection, where some have “Gee-y-y, maybe what's wrong with me..?”, others have “Where in world I am? Mess… ” and before searching for global causes, where there are also plenty of options to think about. For example, a social factor, a rapid change in the social paradigm itself, a sudden awareness of your adulthood / maturity, omissions in life, a wrong chosen path / position/strategy, the inevitable transience of time, and so on. From time to time, not finding answers, but regularly encountering incomprehensible, unacceptable and alien, and sometimes completely contrary to your worldview, manifestations of the surrounding reality-willy-nilly you start to think about whether, in fact, you live in the same world? At the same time? In that era? On the same planet, after all? Here everyone has their own way. But I am absolutely sure and convinced that this feeling is felt to one degree or another by every sane person.
    Moreover, I have every reason to believe that even people who do not burden themselves with the hardships of thinking also tend to do this. Contradictions, discrepancies, dissonance with the environment. Isn't this possible to explain the general departure of the vast majority of people to the virtual world? For example, it amuses me to see that even in their 30s, 35s, and even 40s, some people continue to feel like teenagers. With all the ensuing consequences. Vkontaktiki and instagrammchiki. Mindless consumerism and meaningless “demonstration performances”, consisting of a set of very ridiculous algorithms, actions and attempts to present themselves in society, pass themselves off as wishful thinking, and so on. Why is that? Probably because no one taught them about life. About it, for the most part, nothing is known. Everything is as usual: do=will. action+positive_result=reward. “Study well at school – you will enter the institute”, “Study well at the institute – you will get a good, highly paid job”, and so on. And here, first of all-immediately such thunderclouds, gusts of wind with hail in the face, cold weather and the tomahawk of reality comes to the head, in the form of wreckage, failures and other life difficulties, and secondly-there is also another, so to speak, basic life, where there are also a lot of difficulties and nuances. Which no one prepared anyone for. And so, everything that happens is a global randomness, for example, no one chose where and in what conditions he was born and raised, and there are no guarantees anywhere that a number of certain actions will lead to the desired result. So here is also added complete disorientation in an aggressive environment that is constantly changing.
    Therefore, many people choose the path of simplification and try not to think about what is happening and the fact that everything could have been completely different. Perhaps it is the junction of epochs that makes itself felt, everyone-we are such witnesses of unprecedented technological progress, a breakthrough, that a priori brings great shifts and changes in the being that determines consciousness:) Or perhaps it has always been so and at all times a person was born into uncertainty, no one ever really knew what to do in life in order to drag out their existence in harmony:)
    Summing up, I will say that I consider it characteristic of periodic manifestations of this “feeling of being born at the wrong time” for each person. But they manifest themselves in completely different ways and lead to different results. I have made it a habit for myself to regard such moments as certain bifurcation points, when it is worth analyzing the past period of life. “Calculate profit/loss”, so to speak. “Withdraw the final balance”. “Shake up your investment portfolio”. In general-to draw conclusions. Make plans for the next period, until the next “arrival”. Note the changes that have occurred, both in yourself and in the surrounding reality. Etc.
    This is probably the only logical and logical thing that I was able to offer myself, as a painkiller in moments of such a feeling:) Such moments for me are a kind of beacons for personal planning of life: somehow it just happened that I divide my life into five years, I consider it convenient and, by the way, why not think about how much you correspond to your ideas about yourself five years ago?;)
    Anything is better than stating in vain the fact that you have another persistent feeling that you were born and forced to live at the wrong time, in the wrong place, in the wrong conditions, under the wrong circumstances..

  2. About. It's all about me – in the wrong place, in the wrong era, and in the wrong family. Well, if at least one or two of these factors coincided and crystallized into something really useful. And then it's not on the right foot at all.

  3. It happens, but this feeling is deceptive. Often, a person has an incorrect or incomplete idea of an interesting era, focusing only on its merits. Passion for past or future times is better directed in the right direction – for example, creativity, and not comments on the Internet.

  4. Most often, I have the feeling that I was born in the wrong country.

    But, so that at the wrong time-already as a consequence. Perhaps if the relatively prosperous years of 1995, 1997, 2007, and 2010 had occurred at my mature and conscious age, I would have been able to get at least a minimal chance to take everything in time and get out of here as soon as possible. Now, in Russia, it is dangerous to even think about it once again.

  5. No, it doesn't happen. Except when I was a kid, when I saw a lot of different romanticized films about the Middle Ages) But as a child, you don't have all the information about history and those times, and in general, your horizons are quite narrow to make the right conclusion. In general, сейчас now is the best time of all that has been in the history of mankind, it's a sin to complain) Yes, not ideal far away, but the best we have come to, more comfortable and safe, with great opportunities in many areas that were previously either inaccessible to anyone or available only to a select few)

  6. It sometimes happens (if the state is somewhat depressive) that you want to live in Hitler's Germany. Participation in the war, as well as the consequences of losing it for an ordinary German, do not frighten me too much.

  7. no, it doesn't happen – I have this feeling ) .The time in which I was born is quite suitable for me, the 21st century, the Internet, cars, mobile phones, new technology, it's not about it but about the character of other people and their actions, and this depends on the personality and upbringing.

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