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  1. Today, when all the monotonous work is increasingly moving from humans to computers, being a creative person is the key to success, and therefore a necessity.�

    Go to any IT resource. There you will find a car and a small trolley with all the latest technologies. Cars without drivers are no longer a fantasy (however, it was already not a fantasy in the 80s), which means that the profession of drivers (taxi drivers, truckers, etc.) will die out, drivers will remain only as a whim for the rich. There are already ships that do not need sailors to arrive from one port to another, which means that the profession of sailors will go into oblivion. A computer can make a diagnosis much more accurately than any doctor, and robots can perform operations. Waiters, cooks in all sorts of eateries? There are robots for this purpose! Factories? Today, a few people will be enough for a huge factory to make sure that the machines work.�

    For a human, only those places remain where a robot, machine, and computer cannot replace a human. Namely, where it is necessary to show non-standard thinking, approach tasks creatively and do not need to mechanically repeat the same thing a hundred times. In the coming decades, we will see the death of many professions, which will be replaced by new ones, in which the computer will not be able to replace a person for a long time.

  2. Often I started to encounter the expression – “There was not a single creative person in our company blah-blah we had a great time” (with a praising intonation) or – ” oh, THESE creative people! “(sometimes with disgust) As if we are lepers and prevent someone from living, but as we wrote above, creative people create a lot of things that ordinary average people are happy to use) Personally, I have repeatedly heard from guys something like-you are an artist, you are strange, and I am a simple guy and we are not on the way. (and into the sunset, of course) This is why such a delicate issue has arisen. It seems that even in the 21st century, society with its super-tolerance somehow deftly and emphatically tries to ignore and not get involved with creative people. The very cliche “Creative person” sometimes sounds like an insult, meaning something like “Everything is clear with him”

  3. It's all about work and about work.�

    Being creative is a huge negative, because most likely, your creativity will not be appreciated by anyone, and this is very difficult to live with. You can say as much as you want that you are doing something for yourself, but this is a lie. I want recognition, at least a small one. But alas, no one's creativity has fallen. You wrote a book and told someone about it, do you think there will be a lot of discussion and questions about it now? No, the topic will be transferred to Masha from the next entrance, which gave this one, and did not refuse that one. This is more interesting for people. Do you think someone will appreciate your ingenious drawing? As if not so! Popular artists ' websites will have some kind of kalyaki-malyaki hanging on them. In addition, our society does not like creative people very much. At best, they are” loudly ” ignored, at worst-hayat and criticized.�

    And without the investment of huge money or without the necessary connections, you will not be appreciated, no matter what you do and no matter how brilliant you are. For people, you are “another scribbler / draftsman/photographer”.

  4. I don't understand why there is a fashion to attribute creativity only to such professions as designer, director, well, here's another programmer? The answers even said that “creativity is not mathematics” – what, excuse me?! Can't you be creative in math?!

    You can be creative everywhere! Yes, even on the assembly line!) Creatively reject failed packages. Yes, this is more difficult and you need more imagination than being “creative” in design. In the most boring professions, you can be AS creative as possible! Is accounting fun? Many will say no. And keep black bookkeeping? I am sure that this is a LOT of FUN-you clearly need to have imagination to circumvent the laws.

    Therefore, I think that being a creative person is a clear plus!

    Many simply confuse the concepts. The problem is that creative people often can't sell themselves well. This is the problem. There is a road to creativity everywhere, although in some places it is less appropriate, and in other places, on the contrary, it is welcome.

    Choose wisely, do not substitute concepts and be happy)

  5. Creativity is not math, it is self-expression, and it is difficult to divide it into pros and cons.

    If we are talking about creativity as a profession, then this is fine, but difficult. Building a career as a photographer, artist, poet, or anyone else is harder than it looks. To start raising reliable and big money on a hobby or just creativity, you need to achieve success and fame. And it depends on the circumstances, perseverance, effort – you will need a lot of them. I wanted to become a photographer myself-to combine my work with my favorite thing, lala-flounder… After several commercial photo shoots, I probably shelved this idea as unreliable. �Because we have several hundred cool photographers, I think. And those who went to conquer the world with a DSLR – thousands of thousands. And they are interrupted in search of photo shoots so-so, who did not quit-personally saw. And it will be the same with any other kind of creativity. The path is far from the easiest.

  6. This is a huge minus. It is very difficult for creative people to survive the routine that is somehow present in any profession. Those who say “Go to any IT resource. There you will find a car and a small cart about all the latest technologies ” and they believe that this cancels the routine nature of any modern work, they are very much mistaken.

    By and large, you can spend 8 hours every day painting pictures on the conveyor belt or composing soundtracks for advertising, which cancels out any creative component of this activity.

  7. The assessment depends on (the degree of) realization of one's talents.

    If a creative person is successful and rich, this allows you to put up with some of the disadvantages of talent, such as a heavy character and busy schedule.

    If this person gets pleasure from his creativity, it's just happiness.

    If he gets by on water and bread and drags out his existence alone, then there is nothing to envy.

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