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  1. People who work with contemporary art are very different people. If by the definition of “work” you mean professional (and, as a result, financial) interest, then you will not meet anyone in this market (moreover, several parallel personalities can easily get along in one person):

    1. Yes, of course, there are also snobs;

    2. There are calculating and cynical businessmen;

    3. There are enthusiastic enthusiasts;

    4. There are deeply (sometimes unnecessarily deeply) intellectual specialists-art historians;

    5. There are complete laymen (but these, as a rule, do not get along with the previous ones).

  2. I think that a person can be a snob in any case, whether they work with contemporary art or not. Snobbery is not defined by education or occupation, but rather it is related to the attitude towards those who do not understand something, somehow look different, dress differently, use different rules of behavior that seem “low” or “vulgar”to the snob.

    It seems to me that snobs elevate themselves at the expense of others, because in their hearts they consider themselves low. God is their judge

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