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  1. No one has the right to punish. This is done by the state, but it is not a “who”, but a “what” – an organization with its own interests.��

    The soul is a collective concept, which is given the meaning that is convenient for the context. The most popular use of the word “soul” is in the context of discussing being after death. I believe that in the conventional sense, there is no soul. Our desires, fears and any emotions are connected with our body, as you can easily see by noticing changes in the heartbeat and breathing rhythm, looking at the changing facial expressions, pupils. Our memory is a function of the brain. When the brain dies, the memory in it dies, desires, fears, emotions end. Everything that the soul is associated with is already dead.

    It remains to realize only this, the only life.

  2. The soul has nothing to do with it. Because of the rampant religious extremism in the fascist regime, I believe only in the Flying Macaroni monster and worship the saint during his lifetime – Nevzorov. If you ask the same question, only removing the “soul”, then the topic is more interesting.�

    The basic answer is that if a person acquires the property of eternal life (perhaps in a disembodied form), he ceases to be a person. The most important goal of humanity is to evolve as quickly as possible into such a creature that the physical form (body) would not be important. The upcoming virtualization of everything in the world brings this closer, but not much. This goal is still a long way to go. Most people don't understand this goal. But if you think about the meaning of development, progress, etc., then the answer about the purpose of the existence of our or other species is only this. Whether it is achievable-xs.

    To speculate about how other beings feel when they have eternal life is beyond our poor imagination. Well, you can fantasize about anything, but I don't see the point. It's like scientists trying to find a theory of Everything. There are a million ideas, but no one really knows what they are, and probably not in the way that all these ideas suggest.

  3. No, you're wrong. God, then, is the most unfortunate person. Lives and lives. Unhappy. I get tired of living in illnesses and difficulties. Sometimes you want to fall asleep and not wake up. This is understandable. But if the world was perfect, I would never get bored. A creative person is never bored, even in our imperfect world.

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