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  1. From Wikipedia:

    “Nietzsche was right. < … > The world belongs to the strong, the strong, who is also noble and does not wallow in the pig trough of haggling and speculation. The world belongs to people of true nobility, magnificent blond beasts who know how to assert themselves and their will. And they will devour you socialists who are afraid of socialism and think of yourselves as individualists. Your slavish morals of complaisance and deference will never save you. Yes, of course, you don't know anything about it, I won't bother you with it any more. But remember one thing. There are only a few mavericks in Auckland, and one of them is Martin Eden.”

    The novel shows how the hero gradually becomes like this, and rises above his former self in spiritual, moral and intellectual terms.

  2. Here we must remember that the novel does not end with a superhuman act: Martin Eden commits suicide. Jack London, being a socialist in his beliefs, wanted to show that superhumans-individualists are not viable. Despite the outstanding qualities they may possess.

    Also see, for example, the article “Controversy with the Nietzschean Idea of the Superman in Jack London's novel Martin Eden”: cyberleninka.ru

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