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  1. And how can you believe Stephen Hawking, who once could also believe that the earth is flat, gifts are brought by the Christmas wizard, and he can command his mother and the whole world? And how can you admire Monica Bellucci if she once peed in diapers?

    Religion is a way of thinking about the world. When people didn't know the earth was round, they thought it was flat (and so did you, Edgar Poe). Knowledge about the world is constantly expanding, and now people already know about atoms and photons. Religions are also changing, or rather people themselves are changing them, although this process is much slower than the development of science.

  2. What's the real problem? Let's say that a certain religion claimed that the earth is flat (I do not know such a religion, but let's say). About 500 years ago. At the same time, medical science treated gunshot wounds by pouring boiling oil over the wound. So what now, stop believing in medicine?�

    here, of course, I can object that no one believes in medicine… but alas. Very few people can explain exactly how ibuprofen relieves headaches and what happens in the body at all. Here are these “very few people” – well done. And the rest of us have to believe them and their medicine.

  3. Can I do science?)))

    Only primary school children should be taught about the spherical shape of the Earth. All higher education institutions and institutes consider the Earth to be flat and stationary. In all scientific manuals, forms, calculations of ballistics, geodesy, aviation, navigation, GPS systems, etc., the rotation and curvature of the Earth is not taken into account and it is stated that it is flat and does not rotate. That's the whole secret, no conspiracy theory, no worldwide conspiracy, no crazy opponents-freaks… A rotating ball – in theory, a fixed plane-in practice.

  4. You didn't choose the best question for trolling believers, because it is difficult to prove that the Bible said that “the Earth is flat”. It does not say so directly, but only indirectly, that is, according to some phrases, it can be assumed that the people who wrote the Bible imagined the Earth to be flat. Moreover, let's say that the Catholic Church almost never insisted on this fact. Additional confusion is caused by the word “round”: in all languages (or in most), round can mean both a 2-dimensional object (pancake) and a 3-dimensional object (ball).
    But there are a lot of more interesting statements: the hare is a hoofed animal, the whale is a fish, the bat is a bird, the world is geocentric, the sky is solid. There are also many interesting questions: a man and a woman are created on the 5th day, and Adam on the 6th, how so? Where did Enoch's wife come from? How many women came to the cave where Jesus ' body was placed, whether the cave was open or closed? How did it happen that all of God's anointed ones were debauched, often with relatives, betrayed, killed, and committed a host of other sins? How did Adam name the worms, the process itself is interesting? Why didn't he give a name to micro-organisms and, say, kangaroos?
    �But asking these questions and, even more so, arguing with believers is a completely meaningless pastime. They will still open up: calling black white is not a question at all, since the main thing is that their maniamirok does not collapse. A person who has been living with his manyamirke for many years never wants to part with it: “the meaning of life disappears from him.
    And many people don't want to think at all: one of my friends, when I asked him something on this topic, sent me to argue on the forum of believers. That is, he accepted other people's arguments as fact without verification, and by the way, he has a hobby – intellectual games.
    And, by the way, they do not believe in religion, but in the supernatural being or beings that are basic to each religion.

  5. This is a very strange question, because it is not clear what particular religion we are talking about.

    However, I would venture to assume that this refers to the Abrahamic religions, whose worldview is often mistakenly attributed to the claim that the earth is flat. Especially since one of the previous answers mentioned Christianity.

    There will be no long and tedious arguments, so just proofs in the form of quotes from the book itself:

    [Job 26: 7] He stretched out the north over the wilderness, and hung the earth on nothing.
    [Isaiah 40: 22] It is He Who sits above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like locusts; He has spread out the heavens like a thin cloth, and spread them out like a tent to dwell in.

    So the shape of the Earth(a sphere that is unsupported in space) presented in the Bible more or less corresponds to scientific ideas about the planet.
    (to be fair, Aristotle was one of the first to make a bold and nonconformist reference to the spherical shape of the earth, some 300 years after the above passages were written.)

    The content of this book and the teachings based on it can, well, criticize a lot(and even need to), but in this case, the stone flies past this garden!�

    Then the guy doubted that the Earth is spherical and decided to experimentally prove that it is flat. And it turned out quite successfully:�meduza.io

  6. Faith in this and the belief that nothing needs to be checked here and everything has an a priori beginning. I am sure that no biblical scholar can confirm to you what the Bible says about the geometrical characteristics of the Earth. The Bible is just the opposite – in a very strange way bypasses a huge number of natural philosophical questions, as if deliberately leaving voids. In the future, they will be answered by a science born of religious fanatics in Europe, one of the factors in the development of which will be the idea of a Christian (and not an ancient pagan) explanation and interpretation of questions that are not explained in the religious teaching of Europe.

    If you go deeper into the essence of the question, then the problem of the relationship between faith and knowledge is as complex as this world and it is not worth simplifying it. Let's assume that you base your worldview on atheistic and positivist foundations. I doubt that you will claim that you don't believe in anything after reading Godel's incompleteness theorem. Summarizing the proofs presented in it and applying them to the context of the arguments developed here: any system is based on grounds that are not provable within its framework – in our discussion it is appropriate to call them axioms.

    In other words: how did you prove to yourself that the world is knowable? how did you prove to yourself that you have the capacity to know him? – and so on. That's exactly what you have to believe, which means that this “poison” has also penetrated you: we are so arranged that everyone has to believe in something. If a person has decided to accept faith in something you don't believe in: then it is certainly not worth looking for madmen, especially when his religiosity does not come into contact with the universe of objects of science, but functions on its own (if you want axiological) field, i.e. “Science – how?; Religion – for what?”.

  7. No matter how much you talk about religion, people go back to where they started. Isn't that a wonderful thing? I, like one of the respondents, also did not come across a religion that talks about a flat earth. I'll even try to guess if you're talking about Christianity and the Bible. There are so many hot and heated arguments surrounding this scripture, heating the nerves of the disputants to the limit, like metal, melting their nerve cells. And how much, if you'll excuse the expression, shit is born and poured out in these disputes is beyond counting. I was already beginning to feel the greedy stares licking at me, ready to devour me!

    Everyone in these disputes cites phrases taken out of context. Yes, and interprets them as it is profitable for him. I've met people who say, ” IT SAYS THE ENDS OF THE EARTH, SO THE BIBLE SAYS THE EARTH IS FLAT.” And now without the magic Caps-Lock key, which helps to dominate and dominate and is like foaming at the mouth in the digital space. This has already been discussed a million times and today is a kind of anniversary – this topic has been raised again and is celebrating its triumphant revival. Like the Phoenix, no less.

    If we talk about the essence, then we need to look at the Bible in general terms. Please note that these phrases are NOT taken out of context. I think that if this book has a huge impact to this day, then it is not so clear. Now tell me, did I surprise you with this conclusion? So “not obvious”, for the total number of people. Of course, at first glance it seems that everything written in it is not interconnected. But it has its own “but”, a special, unique, so to speak – the Biblical “but”. Separately-not connected, but together-lo and behold! It's connected! But here, again, to my regret, follows the subjective view of a person who does not evaluate this scripture objectively. And it turns out that Gorgias correctly formulated a kind of manifesto of agnosticism: “Nothing exists; but even if something exists, it is unknowable; but even if it is knowable, it is inexplicable to another.”

    And even if in the Bible they would have written in plain text: “The earth, epta, is flat. Lol”. Then it can be attributed to the simple illiteracy of ordinary people (even though the clergy were the most educated). After all, humanity does not stand still and old concepts about the world eventually die off and leave, giving way to new ones. Maybe our reality doesn't exist, but we are reptilians who created a game for ourselves. MMORPGs, so to speak, and now they stick to it on tin, bragging to their friends: “Zyr che found! A +5 fire protection wallet with lots of gold.” Why not?

  8. The Bible didn't say that. Moreover, this is not a textbook of astronomy and physics. In poetic language, she explains the structure of the world in such a way that it is understood by ordinary pastoralists and shepherds. However, what concerns the question of the shape of the Earth is recorded 3,500 years ago in the book of Isaiah:�

    22 It is He who sits above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like locusts; he has spread out the heavens like a thin cloth, and spread them out like a tent to dwell in.
    (Isaiah 40: 22)

    And the Book of Job also says that the Earth hangs on nothing.

    7 He has spread out the north over the wilderness; he has hung the earth on nothing.
    (Job 26: 7)

  9. If you are talking about the flat Earth community, then this theory is believed in the same way as the fact that the moon did not fly, that we were visited by aliens, that Putin is one of them, that the world is ruled by ZOG. This theory is pure conspiracy theory, based only on the fact that the world government is lying to us, which means that the Earth is flat. They just want to believe that everyone is being deceived, and they alone are special, they know the truth, this is the reason for their extremely high ESR.

  10. The myth that Christians claimed that the earth was flat was actively spread by atheists in the USSR. This is not found in the Bible or in the teaching of the churches. Look at the decisions of councils, whether ecumenical, Orthodox, or Catholic.�

    But the funny thing is that from the point of view of modern science, the planet Earth can certainly be flat-for example, relative to the center of the Earth. Thanks to the theory of relativity.

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