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  1. This is described in the first episode of the third season. Sherlock's brother Mycroft, Molly, and a group of homeless people from the Sherlock network were privy to the plan. In front of the building Sherlock was standing on was a smaller one-story building, so Watson could see Sherlock, but he couldn't see that there was an air cushion spread out in front of the first house. The cyclist who hit Watson was also part of the plan to distract the doctor while Sherlock falls on a pillow and then the pillow is removed. Sherlock lies down on the sidewalk, the assistants put on his makeup, pour a bag of blood, and to stop his pulse for a while, Sherlock holds a small squash ball under his arm.

  2. To the previous answer: however, Andersen had some logical questions about this version-which Sherlock didn't have an answer for.

    What's more, we still don't know what happened on the roof during the conversation with Moriarty. I once played a video of Jim's “suicide” scene on slow motion-and what do you think? At the time of falling on his back, he didn't even have a gun in his hands (!). This is hardly an accident:) so there are still a lot of questions

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