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  1. It is correct that it is necessary to observe yourself, but not only for your desires, but to reflect (reflect, realize) your opportunities and good luck. I was involved in wrestling as a child and I know for sure that the crown move and the favorite move are two different moves. I really liked the backstroke, because it is very effective, but most of the successes are associated with the front step and fighting in the stalls. I want to say that it may happen that you are very fond of painting, but you will be paid for graphics. Wouldn't it be better to focus professionally on what “bread”brings you? And painting is at home, “for yourself”. I am very interested in graphic design, I even tried to perform work, participate in competitions, but for one reason or another, the work was not implemented, and the competitions did not bring winning places. But I understand that my colleagues value me as a specialist in academic drawing and painting, and my drawings are perfectly used in this very graph.design. Think for yourself, decide for yourself, but I think that love is love, and calculation is calculation. We must look for a middle ground.

  2. I was terribly tired of studying at school, it was not interesting. When it came time to choose a university, I wanted these 5 years to be interesting. So I entered the Institute of Culture. Well. I really wasn't bored. And then, somehow, it all worked out by itself

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