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  1. My impressions

    1. The suspicion is that David Lynch decided that they would watch it anyway, so he shot all his acid trips from the age of 94 and happily shares. But I'll watch it anyway, yes.

    2. Dale Cooper is still sexy (although I'm not 15 anymore).

    3. Gradually. It's unbearably slow! The first Twin Peaks was still dynamic, but here time goes on and on and nothing happens.

    4. The fact that a person behaves inadequately, and he still has not been taken to the doctor-it looks so wild, but on the other hand, this is probably privacy-when you can be as strange as you want, but the lovers will behave with you as if nothing had happened.

  2. Initially, it was a mistake to expect the small town of Twin Peaks, its quiet evil and entertaining investigation on the screen. Therefore, after seeing season 3 and its hard picture and practically not seeing Twin Peaks itself, there were quite mixed feelings and deep confusion. Discussions are full of the fact that the new season is not really for fans of TP itself, but rather for connoisseurs of Lynch, and this is undoubtedly true.�

    During the viewing, the thought “God forbid someone will take it into their head just to watch from this season on a wave of hype”appeared more than once. For those who are going to do this, I strongly recommend that you postpone this thought until at least a little bit of this story is shared!�Even being a pixomaniac, at first (like the vast majority) I didn't understand a damn thing, it was just perception of the information thrown in. My first thought immediately after seeing ” IT. WAS.In prime time, Karl! o. o. “I won't say I was thrilled at first (probably with the unexpected shock), but Lynch wouldn't be Lynch if he didn't put his head to work and conduct his own investigations in search of an answer to the question” What the fuck was that?”Reflections forced us to raise the archives of the old TA and conduct some logical chains, which also did not fully explain everything. However, there are already a great many theories and the most amazing thing is that they are all different as white and black and all have the right to life. And it's damned interesting.�

    In general, everything is in the classic spirit of Lynch, where every little thing on the table in the corner, every word can develop the meaning to a cosmic scale and influence the whole plot line. And this is not the kind of show that you can score a free minute with, it requires preparation and wide eyes. And it is true that they say that in order for everything to be sorted out, you just have to wait and catch every hint.

    Verdict: a puzzle for connoisseurs.

  3. I can't do it yet.. I didn't review the first seasons before the third one was released, and as far as I can remember, all the main characters weren't so nerdy and feeble-minded. But I believe in Lynch..) By the way, I like him the most in the series, the most lively.

  4. I watched all 4 episodes in one go and enjoyed it immensely. I don't remember sitting in front of the screen for 4 hours and getting such a high for a long time. I also watched the old TV series with great pleasure. I don't see any reason to be sad that the new season is radically different from the old two. In a good way, only the first season that Lynch and Frost worked on was good in the old Twin Peaks. The second one came out uneven – after Lynch left the project – and it was largely ruined by TV producers who did not understand what exactly made the series unique. I believe that Lynch, although he did not return to the atmosphere of the old Twin Peaks, will be able to show all his skills as a director and screenwriter in the third season. we just have to cross our fingers to make it work, and enjoy watching))

  5. Just make a reservation. I think no global conclusions can be drawn after four episodes, we should wait at least until the ninth, since the season consists of eighteen.

    It seems to me that the first thing that the viewer of the sequel needs to do is to abstract as much as possible from the “old” “Twin Peaks “and all sorts of comparisons with it” Twin Peaks “”new”.

    You need to understand that the people who make it have become 25 years older, and, for example, Lynch is not interested in continuing to parody a soap opera at all. In the sequel, more elements are taken from the director's later films – “Mulholland Drive”, “Lost Highway”, and, judging by some reviews, “Inner Empire” (I did not see this film).�

    And in general, there is a feeling that this is a farewell project of Lynch, in which he decided to contain absolutely everything that interested him in the cinema and continues to interest him.

    Therefore, we can say that in the new “Twin Peaks” “Twin Peaks” the old one is present only as an integral part. Actually, the city itself appears for about 10 minutes in each episode, at best. The rest of the time – South Dakota, New York, Las Vegas.

    I was, of course, slightly discouraged by this approach. So far, the series doesn't feel as cohesive as the first season seemed, and this raises concerns about Lynch playing too much, turning everything into a postmodern collage based on his own work.�

    But I hope the Maestro has a few aces up his sleeve, and he won't ruin his farewell project.

    Only one thing can be said about the twists and turns of the plot so far:

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