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  1. I was reading Loneliness. A lot of water and rubbish, but there is also a sedative))) Loneliness is neither shameful nor scary.

    If you have already decided to read, then read as if to get acquainted with another point of view, but do not take everything for the truth. The world is multi-faceted, and there are also many options for the development of events, even under absolutely identical initial conditions. (like solutions in a Petri dish, with the same composition and quantity, the drawings are different) The main thing is not to become a fanatic, but to expand your horizons, you can read.

  2. BOGDAN, I'm sorry for being blunt. What if it's not too late to tell you?�

    This author can be read starting from anywhere, even from the end, even from the beginning, upside down, even diagonally or across the page. You can take and read any extensive collection of platitudes. The result will be the same: none, with a good “alignment” of your psyche.�

    Either you'll just “go a little crazy” or you'll end up in a cult and start taking things out of the house, just like everyone else's brain. I say this confidently, because I see the results of “reading” every other day and every day in my clients, as well as in the descriptions of clinical cases presented by fellow psychiatrists at conferences.

    Note: oshoists, minus, show how aggressive you really are, but carefully hide it from yourself))

  3. I advise you to start reading with textbooks on linear algebra and mathematical analysis. I think that physicists, chemists and biologists will throw you more literature. And don't read Osho at all.

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