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  1. I think he meant the same thing as Tyutchev in his famous poem “Silentium “(Be silent, hide and hide), namely: many people can understand you, but only a few will understand correctly, and therefore, no matter what true, wise and interesting idea you express, there will be someone who will understand everything differently, incorrectly, which is why you will get into a mess.

  2. you can search for high meanings, read about it somewhere, or wait until they scold me and offer a good version, but in my opinion, everything is simple: modernism, decadence, all such a contradictory hero on the threshold of a new world…inherited from romanticism is the desire to rebel and be a lone hero, incomprehensible, one against the crowd. this is all very close to the characters of Wilde, so I think that the statement with a romantic flair: once understood, you turn out to be the same as everyone else, this confrontation is lost.
    and another thing.
    isn't there still a fashion for depression and “I'm not understood by anyone”?:)

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