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  1. According to statistics, suicide is closely related to the loss of social status. If the reader's intelligence allows him to be interested in existential philosophy, it is likely that his social status is growing rather than being lost.

  2. Not a single person.

    First, you are talking about followers, because there were also predecessors of this “phenomenon”. And this applies not only to a number of specific individuals, but also to entire philosophical trends.

    Secondly, why even ask this question? In exiphilosophy, everything is not as overcast as it seems at first glance. By the way, in Camus, one of his works, I don't remember which one, begins with his thoughts about suicide, and he clearly does not agree with this method of completion.

    And Sartre, so generally a positive writer . It depends on how to interpret his artistic works, but his theoretical works do just that.�

    Read Nicolo Abbagnano's Introduction to Existentialism, one of the chapters on the positive property of existentialism.

    There have been, are, and will continue to be many more terrible things in the world than the work of these outstanding people, which was just a natural and natural reaction to the events of the last century, and literature is the best way to reflect it.

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