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  1. well, the prefix “over” implies a certain hypertrophy, it seems.. so, in terms of becoming, you need to tirelessly “jump above your head”, develop, do everything at once-because a person (different representatives) has a huge set of “indicators” – look at scientists/musicians/athletes/writers/directors.. somehow, the list of professions goes on, but each “type” is characterized by certain most pronounced features of the mindset/character/physical form.. it turns out that a superman should be a kind of “multi-tool jack of all trades”.

    probably something like that.

    and it may not be so impossible to become such a person, but even if you don't spend a single minute “in vain” – the time is quite short, at most – end-to-end.

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  1. Answer. Develop cognitive abilities. As a tool that allows you to develop such abilities, there is a very ancient, but no less effective one – meditation. From modern, the method of wave stimulation of BCH Mantra neurons.

  2. Read “Thus spake Zarathustra” 20 times, until you have already memorized it, if you have already set such a goal for yourself. And if we proceed from the interpretation that the Superman is a creature that in its power should surpass modern man as much as the latter surpassed the ape. According to the hypothesis of F. Nietzsche, the superman, being a natural stage in the history of the human species, should represent the focus of vital affects of life. A superman is a radical egocentric person who blesses life in its most extreme forms, as well as a creator whose powerful will directs the vector of historical development. Be it! And to the prototypes of the Superman, who were the “virtuosos of life”, F. Nietzsche referred: Julius Caesar, Cesare Borgia, Napoleon. Match or/and even try to surpass these historical figures!

    Transcend yourself from day to day , don't be afraid to face your obstacles in life and even praise them , try to rein them in like a horseman and direct them where you need to go. Be steadfast in your will. Be absolutely sure of what you're doing. Do not be afraid to take risks, even if it threatens you with death. To put it in very general terms.

    Especially this passage should be” digested ” carefully: Man is something that must transcend. What have you done to surpass it? All beings have hitherto created something higher than themselves; and you want to be the ebb of this great wave and return to the state of the beast rather than surpass man? What is an ape in relation to a human? Ridicule or painful shame. And so must man be to the superman: a laughing stock or a painful disgrace. You have made the journey from worm to man, but there is still much of the worm in you, you were once an ape, and even now man is more of an ape than any other ape. Even the wisest among you is only discord and a cross between a plant and a ghost. But am I telling you to become a ghost or a plant? Look, I'm teaching you about the superman! Superman is the meaning of the earth. Let your will say: let the superman be the meaning of the earth! I implore you, my brothers, to remain true to the earth and do not believe those who tell you of aboveground hopes! They are poisoners, whether they know it or not. They despise life, these dying and self-poisoned ones, of whom the earth is tired: let them disappear! Formerly blasphemy against God was the greatest blasphemy; but God died, and so did these detractors. Now blaspheming the earth is the most terrible crime, just as honoring the essence of the incomprehensible is higher than the meaning of the earth! Once the soul looked upon the body with contempt: and then there was nothing higher than this contempt-it wanted to see the body lean, disgusting and hungry. So she thought to run away from the body and from the earth. Oh, that soul itself was still lean, hideous, and hungry; and cruelty was the soul's lust! But now again, my brothers, tell me: what does your body say about your soul? Is not your soul poverty and filth and miserable self-satisfaction? Verily, man is a muddy stream. You have to be a sea to take in a dirty stream and not become unclean. Look, I am teaching you about the superman: he is the sea where your great contempt can sink. What is the highest thing you can experience? This is the hour of great contempt. The hour when your happiness becomes repugnant to you, as well as your reason and your virtue. The hour when you say: “What is my happiness! It is poverty and filth and pitiful self-satisfaction. My happiness should justify my very existence!”The hour when you say,' What is my mind! Does it seek knowledge as a lion of its food? The hour when you say, ” What is my virtue? She hasn't driven me crazy yet. How weary I am of my good and my evil! All this is poverty and filth and miserable self-satisfaction! “The hour when you say,” What is my justice? I don't see that I am fire and coal. The hour when you say, ” What is my pity? Isn't pity the cross to which everyone who loves people is nailed? But my pity is not a crucifixion.” Have you said this before? Have you ever exclaimed like this before? If only I had heard you exclaim like that before! It is not your sin – your complacency cries out to heaven; the insignificance of your sins cries out to heaven! But where is the lightning that will lick you with its tongue? Where is the madness that should be instilled in you? Look, I am teaching you about the superman: he is this lightning, he is this madness! —

  3. How to become a superman?

    Nietzsche seems to have propagated the idea of the superman in the teachings of Christ, in His New Testament, which speaks of a New Man, born again, who is not subject to the low aspirations and standards that people of this world are subject to.

    6 That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.
    7 Do not be surprised that I have told you that you must be born again.

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