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  1. Mini guide for dummies:

    1) Change your gender. ( if male)

    2) Have a son.

    3) After some time, the son brings the girl home, says that he wants to get married (it's better to start dissuading her as soon as you see her). You must resist this in every possible way, express aggression towards her, (you can somehow mess up^^, and not just verbally express it) and so on throughout their entire life together (if it, of course, will be). You do everything in your own way, because she does everything wrong! Well, just everything! They rented a shack on the outskirts? What could be better! You need to come often, be sure to swear with the newly-made daughter-in-law. (And of course come in their absence, because you can calmly put things in order, rearrange everything as it is best, throw away the things mademoiselle does not like, and at the same time the food that she has prepared, you will prepare better)

    4) Further, when you realize that your end will soon come, and your son thinks that you will transfer the apartment to him and his lady of the heart, just leave everything to a distant relative from Uzbekistan or your favorite cat!

    Profit! Posthumously, you will be considered a witch!

    PS Not on personal experience, my friends have such witches

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