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  1. A little guide for dummies.

    So, if you are Rene Descartes, a follower of him, or just want to understand his philosophies, you will:

    1) Have to question everything and ask a lot of questions. And if you want to be even cooler-break down a very important question for you into small questions and also put them in doubt. When thinking about the answer, always be guided by skepticism and common sense (only rational).

    2) They should make decisions based only on their own life experience, and not on the experience of the community or “old-timers”. Your great-grandmother claims that household soap will help you get rid of acne on your face? Or is a lecturer at a university trying to prove that his subject will definitely be useful to you in later life? Ha! Descartes himself wouldn't mind your scornful laughter out loud!

    3) You should be proud to exist. It is unlikely that you will be able to prove that you are actually now sitting and reading this answer from the screens of your computer/laptop/phone. But don't worry! You can always make sure that you exist just by thinking about it. Otherwise, how could you think about your existence without actually existing? Checkmate!

    4) You must understand that you are a combination of two independent substances – spiritual and physical. And if plants and animals are ” machines “(or “automata”), then man is a” machine ” with a soul. By the way, according to Descartes, your soul is in your head.

    5) Must be aware that God exists. As Descartes himself put it: “Only from the fact that I exist and have the idea of the most perfect being, or God, does it follow with the utmost clarity that God also exists.” That is, we have something like: “I think of God, therefore God exists.”

    6) Must learn to keep your basic feelings under control (joy, sadness, surprise, desire, love, and hate). This will not only help you understand yourself and other people better, but it will also come to your aid if you suddenly decide that buying a car for$ 90,000 on credit is the best decision in your life.

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