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  1. If we are talking about reading a textbook or scientific literature, you can understand what is written by slowly rereading a complex sentence or paragraph over and over again, and looking up terms in the dictionary. Working in such a busy mode for a while, you get used to it, and the process moves faster. If you find it difficult and uninteresting to read fiction, then you may want to start with a simpler text and gain reading experience that also helps you better understand and assimilate more complex literature.

  2. “after reading half a page, you don't understand what it's all about?”

    This happens to me if the language in the book is too difficult to understand or I'm thinking about something. Or I just “swallow” sentences, understanding the text in fragments.

    I once read The Three Musketeers out of envy, it seemed that I was a blockhead and would miss such a book. As a result, I regret that I read it at all, because the boredom is still the same.

    I advise you to choose a genre that you like.

    Or just find a list of books that are worth reading. Read 10-15 pages, if you liked it and want to learn more about the story of the characters, then continue. If not, put the book aside and read it in a month/year, maybe some events will affect you or just solve problems, then the book will be better “digested”.

    Quite often they make films based on books. Watch just such a movie, if you liked it, then read the book. (sometimes they do the opposite, but I haven't read such books)

    Sometimes the design ranslationpublisher also plays a role, I love high-quality pages, when sweaty fingers do not deform the paper (it starts to form waves), when the paper is not thin, the cover is beautiful, and the translation is excellent. The same Hobbit, I have 2 books with different translations from the same publisher, 1 excellent, even if the pages are not very good, but 2 horror. A lot of mistakes, a footnote under the term was put in the text, not at the bottom of the page, the pictures are terrible.

    It also happens when they write books on computer games (mass effect, AC3), maybe worthwhile reading material, I don't know, but it's worth a try.

    Or read in the evening / morning/afternoon for 20 minutes every day, get used to it and everything will be fine.

  3. When “you've read half a page and don't understand what it's about” – this is the first sign that there is no motivation or interest to read this book. And this happens precisely because you “force” yourself.

    And if you just have a desire, then it's never too late to learn. I would advise you to first choose something light, not in four volumes (that is, with War and Peace or Les Miserables, most likely you should not start) and always about what you really like and are interested in. After all, everyone has a hobby or some hobbies, try to find something from this section and read it.

    You should also be motivated to increase your interest. So why are you reading this book? (if you are not a simple reader). For example, because you really want to understand this material or learn more about a particular era and its customs: from Dickens ' London to Austen's Balls. Motivation can be any, even just a desire to show off knowledge in front of friends/girlfriend/boyfriend.

    In order not to be distracted by extraneous thoughts when reading, try to imagine (visualize) the plot. That is, you read and at the same time watch a movie in your head.

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