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  1. I was a tech guy in my youth (I've been working as a system administrator ever since), but as I gained at least some understanding of non-technical areas and got rid of the classic techy disregard for them, I had to change my identity.

    Now I have an idea of both, but since “tech guy” has long been synonymous with militant anti – humanitarianism(and it is absolutely not necessary to really understand the natural sciences at the same time), I prefer to present myself as a humanitarian in this opposition-this does not oblige me to despise techies, and I love freedom of maneuver.

  2. It was elementary for me. I read a lot of fiction as a child, and I liked to talk about it. English was very easy for me. History was my passion, in a word – I just flourished at school when the humanities subjects started, and when the exact ones started, I was sluggish and tormented. Pure interest – and then I realized that a hobby can be turned into a job – and there was no turning back.

  3. For some reason, this is always a question of juxtaposition.

    I can count fairly well, have some tools, and even worked in electrical engineering, so what the hell kind of humanist am I?
    but at the same time, the soul “does not lie”. to be a tech guy, you have to love the exact sciences. And I don't have that. I fucking love history.
    That's why I can't be a tech guy just because of my preferences.

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