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  1. We are talking about the controversial art object of the contemporary artist Maurizo Catellana.

    In 2019, at the Art Basel fair, the artist taped an ordinary banana to the wall. This object caused a wide response among the public, although Catellan himself said that it was only a prototype of his future work.

    In any case, several applicants wanted to buy the scandalous banana at once.

    As a result, the object was sold for 120,000 rubles.


    Now directly answer the question: in such conceptual works, it is not the physical work itself that is important and valuable, but its meanings and events taking place around it.

    The essence of this object is that in modern art, anything can become a work, and often the viewer himself, his reaction creates the work directly and gives it meaning.

    And if the meaning and reaction to the work itself is important, then the banana and scotch themselves do not have any price-forming factor.

    If one of the elements in such a short-lived concept piece, such as a banana, is damaged or disappears, then it is replaced with a new one.

    Almost always, such works are accompanied by an instruction with detailed instructions on what exactly the elements of the work should be and their location.

    For some works and authors, the exact parameters of materials down to millimeters or grams, a specific brand, color, place of manufacture or extraction are fundamentally important.

    In other objects, this is not always so important.

    If you answer this question very briefly, then the cost of work will not change in any way, and the banana will be replaced with a new one.

    But if the artist similarly sticks a banana of a different color or any other object, then this will be a new work, with a different price, but it will already be higher than the price of the banana.

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