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  1. If he ONLY reads such books, then you should think about it =D

    And yes, you should be able to close bad books. You can start reading anything (preferably diverse in genres and intellectual content, as mentioned above, there may be something), but if you feel that the book is stupid, close it. Over time, you will stop paying attention to one-day books, as well as to films of this kind. You will have a taste. But only if you develop your mind, and do not vegetate in idle time.

    Read, but learn to isolate what is important and necessary and give preference to this, the rest is in the trash

  2. “You can make very valuable discoveries both in Pascal's Thoughts and in the advertising of the Marcel Proust soap.”

    Although personally, I would prefer advertising soaps than their works.

  3. If a person is not a literary critic, and did not find himself in a situation where these books are his only entertainment, then yes, such a person is definitely stupid, break all ties and contacts with him.

  4. Thinking in stereotypes is much worse than reading Olga Buzova's books. Stosorokznakovstosorokznakovstosorokznakovstosorokznakovstosorokznakov….

  5. Absolutely not! Why not assume that the person who reads Buzova is just a fan of her other projects? Why not allow…. etc. He learns everything in communication, of course,in how he works with this person, lives. It is from this that we should draw conclusions. Although, of course, if I want to meet a girl who reads such literature, I'm afraid I'll be stupid, because I won't be able to keep up the conversation

  6. If a person reads, it's already good.

    Well, the concept of “dumb” is generally very relative.

    Give a detailed answer to make it interesting to read. The answer must not be less than 140 characters long.

  7. Without a doubt, choosing a book to read shows a person's taste and intellectual development. But it also happens that the author is not yet famous and popular in literary circles, but there is some potential in him that can make a name for him. In this case, you should periodically pay attention to unknown books on distant store shelves. Maybe you'll come across a future Dreiser or Fitzgerald!

    But sometimes it also happens that a book lying in the most prominent place, which is hung with labels “buyers' choice “or” hit 20@@ of the year”, does not represent anything. After such reading, there is still some misunderstanding about the plot and the time spent on it. To avoid this, you need to pay attention to the author and publisher. If for some reason you don't like a person, their behavior in society, their statements, and generally their train of thought, then you shouldn't spend time and money on their creation( the same applies to publishing houses).

    P.S. There are exceptions. But if you are a regular reader, and not a literary critic from a fashion magazine, then these “exceptions”will not tell you much.

  8. Absolutely not. Someone in a simple parable will find something useful for themselves, and someone from a philosophical treatise will not bear anything but stupidity. Read, think, and compare. The choice is only your own business.

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