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  1. This time, they don't just go to heaven after being born. Now there is a strict “face control”. But only those who were cleansed from original sin by baptism and, if they did not die in infancy, but lived to a conscious age, learned not to” mess up ” and repent if they had already sinned. Because the first people were expelled not only because they sinned, but also because they did not repent, but began to blame others.

  2. Just a second.
    No one messed up. Simply because before the fall, Adam and Eve did not know what is good and what is evil, and therefore they did not know and could not know that it is bad to violate the commandments of God.
    There was no understanding in them, so to write off the fall on their shoals is well to understand the meaning of this legend.
    On the other hand, the omnipotent being placed a couple of people next to the forbidden tree (why the hell was it even necessary to create it?), did not give them an understanding of what is good and what is bad, and did not even put up a fence.�
    And now remember that God was also omniscient, and obviously knew about the actions of Eve, and about the machinations of the snake. I.e. the sequence is as follows: the serpent persuades Eve-omniscient God does not interfere-Eve persuades Adam-god again passes-waits – ” Get out of paradise!”.

    Conclusion: God threw out Adam and Eve simply because he wanted to.
    And the apple story is a clumsy attempt to translate the arrows.

  3. According to religious rules, the most worthy and God-abiding people who know how to behave in both worlds go to heaven. Therefore, we can assume that these favorites will not mess up.

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