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  1. The most important feature of the human psyche is the search for meanings and explanations of what is happening. It really helps to move forward and simply in life and in science. Medicine, for example, for a very long time accumulated practical useful knowledge without knowing the nature of their action. They drank weak wines where there was little pure fresh water, and sang about wine, the gift of the gods, but they didn't know why drinking wine was a lower risk of getting an upset stomach than drinking water in some areas.

    It would be strange if people tried to intensively search for meaning in one (for example, they tried to explain electricity), and in the other (people's relationships) they would not look for meaning.

    Why is the idea of the” evil eye ” funny? Because we don't know any kind of physical interaction that can provide it, and because it's important for us to feel independent.

    But until recently, it was not so obvious that the “evil eye” cannot be explained by various fantastic interactions discovered one after another for most people. For example, the mere fact that the concept of ether was gradually abolished only at the beginning of the XX century should make you think. Even Mendeleev, for example, was quite a supporter of the concept of the ether, whose vibrations manifest themselves as electromagnetic waves (a medium that transmits light, heat, and gravity). Only with the advent of SRT did the concept of ether become redundant; before that, it allowed for theoretical explanations of many phenomena. In particular, it intuitively provided some justification for the “evil eye” – why not assume an unknown interaction between people that transmits this very ether. Human physiology was still not fully understood, the scale of forces, the mechanisms of processes, and therefore left free to fantasize about electricity and electric. magnetic waves that could affect.

    The concept of “evil eye” is related to the concept of “conspiracy theory”. “Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean you're not being followed.” A person looking for a fantastic jinxer can find a very real ill-wisher who does not send damage, but, for example, puts arsenic. Why not? By the way, quite a frequent occurrence in the recent past. Something could be explained not by the evil eye, but by infections, for example. Babies were hidden from strangers, so it made sense – now they are also not allowed in maternity hospitals, so that the baby does not get unnecessary infections.

    Hence the stability of this concept of “evil eye”. Until recently, it both explained and protected in some cases, although in an incorrect way. And traditions don't disappear instantly.

    Not the same, but about that. Many people ask you to step on your foot in response, if you stepped on it yourself. Also stupid. Normal people don't quarrel anyway, but they act so massively, even though they obviously don't think it's rational. This is also a tradition.

    There is a tradition of veils for the bride. By the way, it is also based on the concept of”evil eye”. At least in part, this is exactly how it was explained before. Now the tradition is still alive, although from whom to hide the brides now, for whom it should remain the bride (unknown)?

    Holding fists, “scold me while I pass”, coins in fountains, chains and locks on bridges. I don't think anyone believes it, but they do.

  2. Let's think differently. Believe-not-believe is another story. The biological field is a very real story. This is something that can even be measured with instruments. And if the field exists, then you can break through it, and influence it-too. Another thing is that we don't know the mechanisms yet. Yes, in general, in our body every second there are many electrical and chemical processes.

    Here's a story that happened to me. However, in my practice and in my life, mostly I come across the fact that people who believe in corruption and the evil eye, write off all the negative phenomena that happen to them as supernatural. On the fact that someone blew, spat, planted, pointed, cursed. This is more convenient – you don't need to think and look for other reasons. Especially do not want to dig into yourself. I've already written about this in Zen. People don't believe psychologists, and they don't believe their parents either, so they go and remove the damage, but it doesn't make any sense. So to answer your question, even if something can't be proven to exist by scientific methods, it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. There is no smoke without fire – a good saying, because if for thousands of years people believed that there are such phenomena as damage and the evil eye, then they were not fools.

    On the other hand, this phenomenon is not as common as they say. I described it in detail, and I won't repeat it either.If you want to, take a look.

    By the way, our ancestors believed that an abusive word spoken in their hearts, cursing, or a hurtful phrase thrown casually can cause both a curse and the evil eye. And the most dangerous curses are related ones. They are difficult to remove.

  3. There is no place for magic tricks and psychological experiments in magical practice. Magic is an ancient science and art, designed to really solve real problems. For example, a woman comes to the master with a complaint about the unrestrained drunkenness of her son. The son, of course, does not want to be treated, he absolutely does not believe in sorcerers, and he does not recognize himself as an alcoholic. In such cases, you have to work with a photo of a person and prepare water, which the alcoholic will be given secretly from him. And the person stops drinking. So, where are the tricks and suggestion here? After all, the alcoholic did not know anything at all about the fact that they were trying to treat him! No one inspires his mother with anything either: my son either drinks or doesn't. The successful treatment of small children by witch doctors and magic methods is all the more impossible to explain by the fact of suggestion. And statements that epilepsy or enuresis disappeared from the child “by themselves”, and all this in some strange way “accidentally coincided” with healing sessions, do not stand up to any criticism.�

    Other details are available here: http://vladimir-hazan.com/article_info.php/articles_id/2

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