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  1. Hello, quite an interesting question, if you think about it. I usually include books in my art collection, and they inspire me with a passionate love of literature. It's the rustle of pages, the smell of an old book, thinking about how many houses she's already been to…

    However, there are also paintings that make me feel a love for real artistic art.

    One of these paintings is “Portrait of Titus” by the great painter Rembrandt Harmens van Rijn. Titus van Rijn is the son of an artist.

    The picture immediately won me over with the accuracy of writing the silhouette of a young man. Every detail in the painting, for some reason unknown to me, made me love it. The love of a father for his son is undeniably evident in Rembrandt's works. The combination of colors, the boy's vivacity, the sparkle in his eyes combined with an amazing calmness and the reflections of light on his face-everything in this picture makes it a first for me.

    Therefore, when choosing any piece of art to add to my collection, I would naturally choose “Portrait of Titus”.

  2. A work of art should be the property of all mankind. Therefore, if you get it in your collection, this work will lose its significance for people. Keep the work of loved ones who are now alive or have already died. After all, their work concerns you personally and it is this work that will truly be the only valuable work in your collection!

  3. Sistine Madonna by Raffaello Santi. I know why, but I don't think I can find the right words. This should not just be felt, but experienced. This is a small virgin in an open door to the inner world of a person. I used to admire it when I was in Dresden.

    She is alone on the entire huge wall.

    You can stand there for hours.

  4. A piece of jewelry.

    The most expensive or one of the most expensive.

    Because of its compact size and reliability.

    It won't burn, the cockroach won't bite a hole.

    It's easy to hide.

    It doesn't attract too much attention.

    Yes, the jewelry store has a lot of advantages!!!!

  5. Any of the works of Vincent Van Gogh. Especially irises or sunflowers.The scenery is extraordinary…A starry night.This is an amazing artist full of love…

  6. I wouldn't take any of them, and here's why. I'm a musician. When I do something of my own, from arranging someone else's song to writing my own, I rarely get inspired by visual images. I think in music categories. So I don't see the need to seize and hold in private ownership a masterpiece that I don't need. Let it continue to be available to everyone and inspire others. But I would not refuse to collect 10-15 of the best keyboard instruments in the history of world synthesizer construction in one room and keep them very quickly available. As a source of creativity…

  7. Pieter Brueghel the Elder. The Return of the Hunters (Hunters in the Snow), 1565. I want to look at this picture again and again, always finding something unnoticed before. Absolutely fantastic feeling : the world is so habitable and so endless. My head is spinning. And of course, to watch the painting to the music of J. S. Bach – the choral prelude “I cry to you, Lord, Jesus Christ”. The painting and music will last you a lifetime. So many stories and so many emotions!

  8. The most expensive of the banned paintings of all time: Ilya Repin's “Ivan the Terrible and his son Ivan on November 16, 1581” (also known as “Ivan the Terrible kills his Son”). No one will remember, probably, what other paintings of this quality were forbidden to be shown by the highest orders?

    The reason for the ban is clear: Ivan the Terrible did not kill his son. This is a fake made up by British diplomats-saboteurs. Which probably killed (according to unverified data) both his son and Ivan himself later.

    In general, the picture made a lot of noise.

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