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  1. This is a reference to the ancient Greek word “Logos” (“word”), which is used in the first verse of the Gospel of John (“In the beginning was the Word”) and thus represents a certain divine essence. In addition, it should be remembered that Nabokov wrote this novel in English, so 'thank Log' is used there instead of the English 'thank God — – and thus rhymes not only with the ancient Greek, but also with the Russian word 'God'.

  2. This expression refers to the Gospel of John, which begins with the words:”In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” In Christianity, the Logos (Word) is, in fact, the Son of God. God and the Word are inseparable. Nabokov, in his Inferno, creates a kind of aesthetic alternative to this Christian concept. Nabokov uses the abbreviated form – Log instead of Logos-because the novel Log is integral and independent in relation to Logos as a religious concept.

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