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  1. Lozinsky's translation is familiar, of course, but its syllabotonicity makes it smooth — despite the fact that it is an outstanding work. Minaev's translation, which is often published today, is not worth reading, in my opinion: Minaev did not translate from the Italian original, the scale of his poetic gift is clearly not commensurate with Dante. I haven't read Olga Chyumina's translation. The translations of Vladimir Marantsman and Alexander Ilyushin are worth noting: both translations can be called experimental and both are a kind of polemic with Lozinsky. If for Marantsman Lozinsky is too smooth and pompous, then for Ilyushin it doesn't sound archaic enough; Ilyushin made the translation a syllabic, that is, a verse characteristic of Russian poetry of the XVII-XVIII centuries. I recommend two articles about these latest translations: Mikhail Gasparov andMikhail Andreev.�

    Finally, as Olga Sedakova noted, there is still no such necessary translation in Russian as a literal, prose translation that does not convey the music of the original, but accurately addresses its meaning. Sedakova is currently working on such a translation” – an excerpt from” Purgatory ” with a wonderful introductory article can be read here.

  2. I love Boris Zaitsev's prose version of “Hell” very much. And I am waiting for the result of Olga Sedakova's work. In the meantime, Lozinsky.

  3. I have read The Divine Comedy only in the translation by Lozinsky and Minaev, and Lozinsky's translation seemed to me the most successful. Yes, it may not fully convey all the nuances of the work, but for me this is the best option.

  4. Definitely Lozinsky.�
    His translations definitely win when it comes to such works as” The Divine Comedy”,” Hamlet”,” Richard III”,” A Midsummer Night's Dream”,” Don Quixote”,” Macbeth”,”The Dog in the Manger”.
    In my memory, Lozinsky only once “conceded” to Marshak – with his translation of The Commandments, but here Marshak understood Kipling's stoicism better.�
    But be sure that The Divine Comedy should be read from Lozinsky.

  5. I stand in solidarity with Gasparov “Lozinsky's translation is amazing, and it has simultaneously removed and obscured all previous translations. It is solid and accurate; it will be reprinted as exemplary for a long time to come.

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