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  1. The situation is not ordinary, so it is difficult to say. I can only give you some hints in determining the “moment of truth”: you should remember what you agreed on and observe what is happening there in real life – whether your innermost desires are being fulfilled, you have received some superpowers, you have received a lot of money, power, pleasure and everything else that people love to change their soul for.

  2. As a student of theology and a lover of mysticism: no. In order to make a real contract with the Devil, the soul of the person who is going to sell it must participate in the process. Simply put, a person should be conscious. In a dream, a person is rarely aware of himself, and if you remember how in a dream you saw how you signed a contract, then try to remember: did you look at what was happening as if from the outside, or was it really a lucid dream where you yourself made decisions about what was happening. In the second case, I have some bad news for you…

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