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  1. A work of art always ultimately existed in the viewer's mind, and required an act of thinking, not just an act of perception. Postmodernism simply began to use this fact consciously, to flirt with it, and not just have it as a default. An artist of any time, drawing a picture, created a statement that should have been understandable to his contemporary, therefore he had to take into account what and how the contemporary understands, rely on what is now called the theory of the mind.

  2. Art is primarily self-expression, so art is determined by the creator, and those who perceive only evaluate the result.

    Cooking is determined by cooks, not by critics who don't cook and don't take any risks, but give themselves the right to determine which dish is good and which is not.

    Art is freedom, if it ceases to be free, then it ceases to be art.

    (Misunderstandings come from an incorrectly posed question, since art is essentially skill in any field, even in martial arts, the main thing is to express yourself through it)

  3. art is created by geniuses, the word genius is translated from Latin as spirit. The spirit translates something from the invisible world of spirits, thoughts, images, ideas, and art consumers already perceive it in one way or another. Of course, it happens that “geniuses”, instead of catching thoughts from the spirit world, try to catch trends and demand in society in order to adapt to this demand – for me, these are no longer geniuses, marketers.

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