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  1. I answer as a left-handed person with 20 years of experience,

    To begin with, all these “creatives” and “other hemispheres” in the form in which everyone is used to them is a myth. There is no reason to think of the left hemisphere as logical and the right hemisphere as creative. And even quite the opposite – according to research, both hemispheres are usually involved in thinking processes. Yes, the functional centers of the brain are located a little differently in left-handers, but they are all located a little differently. Moreover, due to plasticity, these zones can change their location in the course of the body's vital activity (for example, polyglot speech centers “grow”).

    Now for your learning ability. A left-handed person may develop asthenic neurosis, obsessive-compulsive disorder, hysterical neurosis, enuresis, stuttering, tics, if you suddenly decide that being left-handed is not good for him, and start to retrain him. It is the retrained children who have problems with learning.

    In general, there are no obvious significant differences between left-handers (not retrained) and right-handers. You may not even know that one of your friends or acquaintances is left-handed until they tell you – such things are rarely noticed.

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