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  1. Baudrillard's article “The Conspiracy of Art” was published 22 years ago and caused such a powerful reaction among philosophers and art historians, university professors and practicing artists that today it is even somewhat inconvenient to recall it. Literally thousands of answers to Baudrillard have been written in all languages of the world, and hundreds of thousands of responses to the answers.

    The article powerfully, logically and philosophically-flawlessly proves how twice-two-four-ART IS DEAD! Besides, it died a long time ago! And what we take for art is bullshit! Art is a corpse!!! And the fact that the corpse continues to grow nails and hair, we take for “progress”, “movement” and “development”.And all art theorists fool the public's head and “breed” it by claiming that art is progressing.

    But such a long and active discussion of the article also gave rise to a completely opposite point of view. At the same time, it is equally well-reasoned and supported by no less weighty factual material.

    And now the answer to the question – “Is Jean Baudrillard right in the article” The Conspiracy of Art?” My answer is NO, I'm WRONG! And my point of view is shared by millions of people who love art, live in art and for whom art is a profession, and this article is a smart and talented PROVOCATION!

    But, of course, there are millions of people who share Baudrillard's point of view. This is their right. After all, it is written: Blessed is he who believes!

  2. Art is not only painting, but also music, literature, architecture, sculpture, ballet, and theater. Painting, which is so close to me, understandable and loved, lives in museums and private collections. And in well-written copies. Art is something that pleases and brings us happiness.

    Beautiful music lives and develops in our time.

    Literature, architecture, and sculpture are alive and well. One must “simply” know these phenomena of cultural life.

    But with painting after Malevich, trouble happened. It is also said that the black hole of the Black Square ended the real painting. One can't help but think that the” naked kings ” of our time, like Andy Warhol, are very profitable for someone. And people in their simplicity believe, or pretend that it is clear only for them-the chosen ones.

    All painters, from Larionov to the current “painters” are just (sorry) lazy people who profit from PR. There is no joy from their products.

    Well, the theater is rushing from the classics to the primitive.

    Only real painting and music-melody are eternal, like life itself.

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