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  1. There is a dilogy by Bernard Werber: Thanatonauts (part 1) and the Empire of Angels (part 2), where the phenomenon of rebirth is described in great detail (the second book of the dilogy), I highly recommend it!


    As for cinema, there is a wonderful Thai film that won the Palme d'Or in 2010, which is called: Uncle Boonmi, who remembered his past lives. No spoilers, and read more on the Wiki:



    About the book Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell and its film adaptation of the same name, I think everyone has heard, there, in fact, the plot is built on this.

  2. There is an average lousy fantasy authored by Roman Zlotnikov. A series about a hero named Gron.

    The idea is the same, popadanets, woke up in a strange world in a strange body. If you don't have anything to read at all, you can look through it.

  3. The film “Beyond Myself” is about how a dying elderly scientist was able to transfer his consciousness and memory to a younger body with the help of super-secret technology. But it wasn't quite as he'd imagined…

  4. I know that in the Ark Social Network series of books, several characters at once have the ability to be reborn with the preservation of intelligence.

    About books:

    The book tells about how the main character jumps from the roof, is reborn anew and after living a little time in the 21st century, gets to the 36th century in the Moscow of the future. The book contains a lot of interesting gadgets, psychology, sales techniques, options for an ideal society, reflections on life, and, finally, a lot of reasons to think about eternal topics.

    The second book is a continuation and tells about life in America, about the Americans themselves and about another version of the world conspiracy.

    The third book can be read independently, it continues the theme of the first two books. It tells about the adventures of the main character on another inhabited planet, which is inhabited by white angels. How will humans affect the ancient civilization of another planet?

  5. Lobsang Rampa describes the Tibetan technology of transferring consciousness into someone else's body, the body, in the end, also affects the soul, and it is still unknown what will win…

  6. The most obvious one is Doctor Who. If it is not essential that it is a book or a movie. The main character, receiving an injury incompatible with life, regenerates into a new body with new character traits, but with all the memories of past regenerations.

  7. Yes, for example, “And the wolves howled” by Barbro Karlen (Barbro Karlen), and this is a real story. She was born in Sweden in 1954, nine years after Anne Frank died in a concentration camp. From an early age, she refused to recognize her parents as her own, called herself Anne Frank and told details from her life, woke up at night from nightmares (people in uniform breaking into the shelter in the attic), her parents put it all down to fantasy. However, at school, Barbra heard the story of Anne Frank from the teacher and was very surprised – how can people know about Anne Frank, if she is Anne Frank? Subsequently, researchers and psychiatrists worked with her, and no one was able to explain how real images from the past and very specific phobias appeared in the memory of the little Swedish girl – she was afraid of men in uniforms, hated legumes (the Frank family in the shelter ate them continuously for two years). When she was ten, her parents took her on a trip to Europe, and stopped by Amsterdam. Anne Frank's diary was already published, and the house where the family was hiding was turned into a museum. Barbro's parents decided to visit him and decided to call a taxi. To which the child said-yes, why, it's not far away. I took them to the house-museum through Amsterdam's intricate streets.

    There is a huge and very interesting story that still no one can explain. I recommend you to read the book and Wikipedia at your leisure!

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