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  1. Poetry needs no place, it permeates everything, including the most mundane life. That's why there are everyday poetry, everyday writing and all sorts of haiku.

    I planted a banana,
    And now they're disgusting to me
    Sprouts of weeds.

    Fleas, lice,
    The horse urinates
    At the headboard.

    And so on.

  2. Poetry comes from the Greek word for ” create.” Samples of ancient poetry can be found on the walls of caves dating back 25 thousand years BC. e. Indeed, how is it better to leave a memory for posterity when there are no tools suitable for writing at hand, and few people around can read and write. Only in verse form. It is easier and better remembered. Take the Vikings, for example. They carved on the stones who bought how much from whom and what they bought. The exploits of the soldiers were sung in a poetic form, which was passed down from generation to generation.�

    There was paper, ink. Now you could write about your feelings, emotions, and attitudes. In a poetic form, too. The meaning of poetry has shifted somewhat. Very few people sing about their exploits anymore. They write about feelings under the Moon, about hard life, about philosophical reflections, etc. They sing praises of the powerful.�

    Poetry has lost its ancient meaning. And it became more of an archaism. After all, you can express your thoughts and feelings, emotions and sensations in prose, and at the same time no less poetically. Take at least the texts of Leo Tolstoy. And there is no need to talk about the New Testament. How incredibly accurately, in simple words without rhyme or poetry, the Apostle Paul knocks on the heart and soul of everyone.�

    So poetry is for the amateur. It doesn't matter if our life is mundane or elevated. It's different. We don't need to poetize what happens to us. We are also very good at expressing our emotions in prose.�

    Zabolotsky – A Poem On The market. Poetry? Or when you talk about poetry, do you mean the romantic and sublime imposed by someone?�

    In a headdress of flowers and krynok
    The old market opened its gates.

    Here the women are as thick as tubs,
    Their shawl of unprecedented beauty,
    And cucumbers, like giants,
    Diligently swim in the water.

    The herrings sparkle with their sabres,
    Their eyes are small and gentle,
    But here, cut with a knife,
    They curl up in a snake.
    And meat, by the power of the axe,
    Lies like a red hole,
    And sausage with a bloody gut
    In the brazier floats clumsy,

  3. Poetry (from the Greek poiesis, “creation”) is a form of literature that uses aesthetic and rhythmic linguistic qualities. This is the definition of poetry. The oldest poems date back to the 25th century BC, written on the walls of the Egyptian pyramids.�

    At all times and in all nations, poems have been used to create historical epics about the exploits, the lives of heroes, the lives of people, and their everyday life. Rhyming text is easier to remember, which allows verses to persist for thousands of years. While there was no paper, it was difficult to describe the events of the country's history and life on clay tablets and other materials. Moreover, the bulk of them could neither read nor write. Therefore, information was transmitted orally, including in the form of poetry. Paper appeared, ink appeared, and as a result, the original meaning of poetry shifted. There were not just some ballads and epics, but also romantic and lyrical poems that express the worldview and emotions.�

    Therefore, I absolutely do not see the point in giving poetry any prominent place in the lives of people, including “mundane”ones. Everyone can read and write. And they can express their thoughts and feelings in prose. After all, it is impossible to deny the poetry of Tolstoy's texts, for example. I'm not talking about the New Testament texts. That's where the real artful poetry is, the poetry of a word that can reach the heart and soul. At the same time, not all poetry is able to achieve this.�

    Poetry is an anachronism in our world. It's like choosing detective stories over romance novels or historical comedy films. For an amateur.

  4. Hello, Alexander.

    Absolutely necessary. And it is in the mundane.�

    If a person does not want to turn into a stupid consumer animal that proves its success with the number of clothes and likes.

    Poetry awakens the Soul.

    Poetry makes you think about something that doesn't just apply to money, grub, and followers.

    Poetry helps you relax and unwind.

    Poetry helps you laugh at yourself.

    Poetry expands your vocabulary and improves your ability to express your thoughts vividly.

    Poetry helps to see the beautiful where the average consumer sees only advertising posters and the dullness of everyday life.

    Poetry helps to solve many problematic issues.

    Poetry helps to change the attitude to something and to someone.

    And much, much more.

    Enjoy your poetry, include it in the normal rhythm of your life.Read poetry in ordinary, familiar situations and your effectiveness will increase. Read poetry to yourself and out loud.

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