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  1. It should be understood that a person is a primate, the fifth monkey (tailless). Who “blessed” the monkey to work? Or who cursed her? In a social society that people have built for themselves, work is the need to engage in certain activities for a fee in order to maintain a certain standard of living. For some, this is a hobby, for some it is a necessity, and someone will not feel the need for a particular occupation at all. Everyone chooses for themselves (c).
    I think there are difficulties with the definition of the word “labor”. “Purposeful activity of a person for the benefit of himself and people” can be understood in different ways. Is a hobby work or not? But through hobbies, people often do more good. And theft? There seems to be damage to other people, that is, there is no benefit to society, but our State Duma deputies often cause such damage to society with their laws that not only thieves, but also thieves in law did not stand nearby! And their salary is hoo-hoo! Just like the officials!
    �Even more difficult to get food: many birds, �animals, not to mention monkeys, know how to make and use tools. But should this be attributed to labor?
    If we understand the curse in this case as something that we are doomed to in life, then in principle we can consider it so, but some are lucky and they can exist without this curse (if you do not count labor, for example, throwing food into the mouth), so this is also not a universal statement.

  2. Neither one nor the other. Work is an activity that a person usually devotes most of his life to. Depending on the circumstances, work can be both a heavy burden and a source of joy.

  3. When I was sixteen, I worked as a computer science lab assistant at a school for eight hundred rubles a month – it was a curse.

    When I changed this job to the database operator of the wholesale sales department of a tobacco company, where all I had to do was quickly switch cells with a Tab, press the space bar in the right places to put a tick, and I began to receive fourteen thousand for this-it was a blessing.

    Unfortunately, I hit Tab slower than four hundred times a minute and got fired.�

    Now (oh, damn it!) I write articles to order, and I get an incongruous penny for it, and (oh, blessing!) free of charge and as detailed as possible, I answer TQ questions where I can really be useful.

    In short, the curse and blessing is not in the work itself, but in what you do it for. Since there is no color differentiation of pants in our society, we have to pursue some other goals. Good and not so good.

  4. Labor is just like any other activity. It can be pleasant/unpleasant, interesting/boring, easy/difficult, etc. Accordingly, it is impossible to give a plus or minus to” labor in general ” (spherical and in a vacuum).

    Labor differs from other types of activity in its purposefulness, firstly, and the nature of the goal itself, secondly. The goal is to provide the necessary / desired living conditions for yourself and your family. Either these conditions are created directly in the process of work (a crop is grown and harvested, a house is built, firewood is cut, a stove is lit) – and this is where it all started, or a reward is given for work that is used to achieve the final goal (for example, you go to the store and spend part of your salary on food).

    There is also forced labor (slaves, prisoners, etc.). There is no need to talk about the blessing exactly, but this is a special case.

    The same activity can be both work and entertainment, depending on the goal and its nature. If I solve a TQ puzzle, it's fun. If for a fee – labor. If it's free for a friend, then I don't even know where to take it. A favor, a friendly favor.

    People hunt for food or earnings, and such hunting is labor. People pay money to be allowed to hunt – entertainment. And so on and so forth. Up to the right to drive a mail coach, or fly into space and work as an astronaut.

    Animals have an analog of labor for the direct provision of necessary living conditions. The same hunt, for example. Or burrowing / building nests. They have been doing this for millions of years, and selection has made sure that these necessary activities are not too burdensome for them, but rather willingly. A person does God knows what, invented by people themselves, sometimes just yesterday. It is not surprising that he does not always like the activity itself.

    We came up with “labor” ourselves and complain about it ourselves. Just grief from the mind of some.

  5. Labor is a direct consequence of the complexity of the social structure. Without a society, and a complex one at that, work is not possible. And society is impossible without labor. Labor is the production of products for the future, beyond the current need. Labor is a joint and organized activity. Labor is instrumental. Work is neither a curse nor a blessing. This is a harsh necessity and a direct consequence of human nature

  6. Labor is something unusual to understand. On the one hand, it can be an outlet, on the other-a real hell, a curse that spoils the mood every day. All this depends on what kind of activity you are engaged in. It is unlikely, for example, that the humanities will be interested in quantum physics, and the techies will be interested in sociology. So it all depends on the person. If the profession, work, or other activity that you are engaged in gives pleasure — then it will most likely not seem like something bad to you. Of course, if you are not absolutely lazy.

  7. Here it was correctly noted that labor is different from work. But it is also worth bearing in mind that different work will be perceived differently by different people. If we look at this question from the standpoint of humanistic psychology, and more specifically Maslow, then not everyone has a need for work. For such people, any work will be a burden. If a person is striving for development, then do not feed him with bread, let him work.

  8. Everyone treats work very differently. Some believe that work is a curse, others a blessing. Labor is more of a necessity. Even if you are unemployed, you need to perform many repetitive activities – brushing your teeth, washing dishes, etc.

  9. It all depends on how lucky you are with this job and this very work.To �example ,if you are (relatively) came to Magadan and forced �there Kyle �waving the whole time , it is undoubtedly a curse,but if you �for example, Putin's daughter � �you any work poplechu , here �clearly �we are dealing with a blessing and we all know who.

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