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  1. Life has always been striped:

    First you work until you break a sweat, suffer from a rainstorm, frost, bosses or customers, and then you get paid, go and relax, and even some happiness can experience.

    If you don't feel the happiness you deserve after hard work, then you have lost some natural mechanism that worked for your grandparents.

    And you should think about repairs.

  2. I think there is happiness. The main thing is to look for it in simple details and not get angry. If you smile and try to enjoy the world around you no matter what, you will soon feel happy. If you stop comparing yourself to others and start moving forward with yourself, you will become much happier than those with whom you have previously compared yourself. And everything will turn out fairer and easier.

  3. Happiness is definitely there. But happiness is not a constant quantity. Nature did not envisage that a living being would become happy, and would remain in the same state of happiness for the rest of his life.

    Nature has designed us to strain ourselves, to suffer at times, to experience injustice and difficulties. But nature also intended that we should experience pleasure and happiness.

    And how well a particular person is able to keep the background feeling of happiness inside (even when it is difficult) depends on the person's ability to do this. This can be learned.

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