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  1. Fact: you can have a salary of 40,000 rubles and be happy. And you can have a salary of 1,000,000 rubles and not be. That is, happiness does not depend directly on the amount of money. If we accept as an axiom that the main thing is to achieve a state of happiness and stay in it for as long as possible, then empirical experience shows that this state does not necessarily correlate with money.

  2. In the first place – interest in your profession ( this also gives you motivation )

    On the second – money (there should be so much of it that you don't have to think about it) is not a little and not a lot. When it is not enough, you start to suffer (how to pay for an apartment, for food, etc.). When you suffer a lot, you also become a hostage of money, you only think about them, forgetting about your interests and goals. Imho

  3. Money is something that can be spent and earned again, that is easy to lose and find again. But of course, money is not the main thing… The highest price for each person will be their own life, health, and the well-being of those they hold dear.

  4. Now in modern society, everything is tied to money, forcing us to be active for the benefit of society. Without money, we will not have food to satisfy our hunger, we will not have clothes to look good, etc. Most often, “happiness is not in money” is said by already well-off people who already have a 3rd villa under construction, several garages with luxury cars…

    This situation in society is explained by the “Maslow pyramid”, which shows us the gradation of human needs: it is based on biological needs (for food, sleep, drink…), the need for security is a step higher, then the need for participation (that society needs you, you are part of it), then the need for respect, and finally, at the top of this pyramid is the need for self-development.

    However, happiness is different for everyone: someone will fill their stomach and be happy about it, and someone needs to realize themselves. But all this can be obtained if we have the means. Free cheese only in the mousetrap. So, money is not the main thing for a person, if he already has it and in sufficient quantity not to think about it, but to do his favorite thing

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