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  1. What is culture, how is it possible to know culture, especially given that culture also determines the ways of our knowledge, and so on. The entire body of knowledge on this topic is called the philosophy of culture, and the foundations of cultural sciences (kulturwissenschaft) is one of its sections.

  2. About why we need this very same cultural studies.�

    Either we, the imperialist colonialists, want to prove our cultural superiority over the aborigines, or on the contrary-to defend the right to our own culture. You can go even further – to invent the right of a separate farm to cultural distinctiveness. One can proceed from a belief in the equality of cultures, or one can proceed from one's own God-chosen nature (which does not necessarily give the right to offend others).

    So the philosophical grounds are always in the head initially. And then there is cultural studies, as a method of proving the truthfulness of one's own grounds.:)

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