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  1. In this remarkable phrase, McLuhan expressed a simple idea: the form of a message, the means by which it is transmitted (i.e., the media), in itself carries a certain meaning. Different types of media, forms of communication convey a message in different ways. You will agree that there is a difference between a manuscript, a Word file, a radio program, a TV program, or an oral statement — and all of them convey text in one form or another.

    In general, it is believed that McLuhan was referring to the technological aspect of communication. The addressee must be able to use the communication tool, decipher the message, and take into account the context in order for communication to be successful.

    With these words, McLuhan summed up the entire theory of media, from which Federman consistently came to a different conclusion: “a new medium of communication carries a new type of information” — this is about photography, cinema, phone, chats, Instagram, TikTok, and so on.

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