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  1. For example, to listen to the album “Paths are Inscrutable” with high quality, you need to know who Osip Mandelstam is and his fate. The first song in the album is called “Stolen Air”. This is a direct reference to Mandelstam's quote:

    I divide all works of world literature into authorized and written without permission. The first is scum, the second is stolen air. I want to spit in the face of writers who write pre-authorized things…

    Further in the song's lyrics: Going to my death but never gonna die I'm hurting for my family and I'm going to war. This is probably a reference to the Latin expression:

    Ave, Caesar, morituri te salutant “Hail, Caesar, those who go to their deaths greet you”

    Then at the end: Yes, I won't go back on my words, no, I won't admit my guilt We still live without feeling the country under us. This is a reference to Mandelstam's poems:

    We live under ourselves without feeling the country,

    You can't hear our speeches from ten paces away,

    And where is enough for half a conversation, –

    The Kremlin Highlander will be commemorated there.

    The entire album is also riddled with Bible quotes. For example, the song “The Fourth Horseman”:But this is the apocalypse, and I am the fourth horseman, and to create a volcano, I give my rib.

    You also need a solid knowledge of the criminal code. For example,My parents didn't keep track of what I was doing at eight So there are half a country of 228 each If there is only one hole in the cross-country shoes, then we wear them If countries are seasons, then Russia is autumn

    Article 228 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Illegal acquisition, storage, transportation, manufacture, and processing of narcotic drugs

    Or this: Who are you to judge me, mortal? Remember, we are only the supreme judge Your mother is corruption, our mother is loyalty But you are a Bentley, and we are not in the camp, I will not admit my guilt to you A spear in the rib and let me be crucified My father is waiting for me at the gates of Paradise Until one hundred and fifth, one hundred and sixty-second

    Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Murder. Article 162 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. 1. Robbery, that is, an assault for the purpose of stealing someone else's property, committed with the use of violence

    It is also useful to read who Themis is and what the scaffold is:�

    I fly into the store, let out the store I have a thousand reasons for this I am at least tired of the pictures on our streets: Poverty and Themis the blasphemer

    It feels like life is rewinding 21 years in a dream and I'm at the scaffold I don't really know what I'm made of But I think I have more in me than a bottle of vodka

    You can also find out what a black Malevich square is: Our homeland is truly beautiful Square of black paint, we are all in its mouth

    You can also find out the year of the founding of the Russian state with its capital in Novgorod: Your Honor, people call me the word From birth my freedom is missing in the country I can't go out since the 862nd I go on a hunger strike-I'm dying, everything is new

    In general, at least you need to finish high school to listen to Face. This, of course, is not Oksimiron, who has more than two hundred books in the references in the texts, but we must pay tribute to Ivan that he does not get stuck on the spot in burgers, eschker and other off-the-shelf things, but moves forward. In 5 years, with such dynamics, he can already become a serious creator.

  2. It's simple: reality pukes up the remnants of postmodernism. A society in which (after the events of 1991-2014 and the final preservation of the ruling regime and all that goes with it) a certain vague general ideology has not yet been developed cannot clearly understand what is happening around it – for it it looks like utter nonsense (not absurd, because absurd in literature and philosophy is something else). This nonsense translates into the work of Ivan Dremin.

    He also has some teenage lyrics of a man of the outskirts (“baby”), and an appeal to base desires like sex and money (values) – a large number of them secures the status of a dominant individual (this is “Gucci”, “I eat your chick”, etc.), and a feeling that something is going wrong in society (the entire album “WAYS ARE INSCRUTABLE”).

    If something is popular, it means that there is really a demand for it. If there is a demand, it means that it was formed for a reason.

    The level of education in the country after the events of the 90s fell sharply, and the power was simply taken by people, to put it mildly, not those who could lead the country to the notorious “five first economies of the world”. There's irony hidden somewhere, if anything. More precisely, even sarcasm, yes.

    A person without an education (proper, real, and not paper) can not indicate much in detail, beautifully and complexly – in any case, exceptions are rare. But this does not mean that a person without education feels less than an astronomer, linguist or musician.

    It is from this mixture of the desire of the new generation to express themselves, to indicate their positions and their worldview, and the reality in which this generation exists, that such a character as FACE is born. And his popularity is due to the fact that many representatives of the same generation to which Ivan belongs can associate themselves with him: a person who grew up in a residential area in ye#enyah, who wants a better life for himself personally and for his culture, and who clearly sees that with the current government at the helm, this culture, along with the economy and great history,

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