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  1. The Pantheon is one of the most beautifully preserved architectural monuments of antiquity. But, of course, it has not reached us quite in its original form. First of all, in front of the temple there was a perestyle courtyard with a triphal arch, and the sams temple was located on a high basement with a 7-step staircase in front of the portico. Now you can see the walls of the rotunda that have gone underground (they are open), but they did not open the stairs, so the portico is on the same level with the ground. Very likely, there was a sculptural decoration of the pediment and, possibly, an acrotheorial sculpture. The building was necessarily plastered or faced with marble (I didn't find any exact information here, I'll have to search) and, possibly, the roof was gilded.

    I found some reconstructions here:

  2. The picture below shows the failed architectural plan of Pope Urban VIII Barberini, in the form of two small bell towers on the edges of the pediment of the Pantheon

    It was disrespectfully named “Bernini's donkey ears”, as the plan was commissioned by Bernini.

    They stood for quite a long time, until finally, in 1883, they were demolished.

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