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  1. on the one hand, in the scene with the panther's penetration into Jessie's room, we are shown the paradoxical hostility of the outside world to her inner space (previously, the run-down room was a kind of fortress, which for a person is a house/apartment).

    On the other hand, given how readily Refn throws symbols around, the panther acts as Jessie's totem animal, the personification of beauty as a weapon that helps her survive. not coincidentally, closer to the finale, a stuffed panther can be seen in the house where Ruby (Jena Malone) lives (shortly before the scene that this sign predicts). by the way, Ruby perfectly describes the stuffed wolf.

  2. Totem animal – the version is beautiful, but there is no confirmation of it in the film. The panther did nothing to help Jessie with its appearance, but, on the contrary, threw her problems. There is nothing to indicate that Jesse is in any way associated with this animal. I think it's something else.

    Everyone wants a beauty. The naive photographer thinks that he loves her not for her beauty, but for her beautiful soul. An experienced fashion designer thinks that if it weren't for the beauty, the photographer wouldn't even pay attention to it to look at the soul. The panther doesn't think anything: it just eats. He smells the scent of rare prey, some delicacy, and goes to it. I don't think she's a reflection of Jessie, but of a trio of human predators who also have a gut feeling for danger and sweet taste in Jessie. And the stuffed panther in Ruby's house-about the same thing.

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