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  1. There are many similar sites. I will recommend the most popular ones:

    Russian-speaking users:

    • Well-known Arzamas. There are many diverse courses and individual lectures. And don't forget to check out the “Journal” section from time to time — it's updated frequently.
    • For the latest news and articles from the world of art to The Art Newspaper: Russian version and international (different from each other, there is also a French version).
    • Similar agenda, but more about processes — Art guide.
    • The Garage Journal: research in the field of art, museums and culture. This is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that covers completely different areas in the field of contemporary art. At the moment, you can view the first issue.
    • “Dialog of Arts”: printed edition of the MMOMA Museum. Covers the current agenda of the Russian art process.
    • Interesting problematic articles from artists can be found at Colta(there are also other sections on film, theater, and literature.)
    • Magazine “Iskusstvo”. As they say, this is a research project: each issue is dedicated to a specific topic (this also happens in the aforementioned publications).
    • You can read about new borders, cultures, and peoples on an updated basis in the young EastEast project.


    • Artforum is one of the most respected magazines in the West, covering such areas as art criticism, art processes and analysis of current events in the art world.
    • Current agenda for Eastern Europe-in Block.
    • An interdisciplinary platform where fashion, art, and design are closely intertwined — Garage Magazine.
    • If you want to understand how museum communications, leadership, and other similar things are developing: read and follow MuseumNext.
    • The New Yorker's Art section will tell you what's going on in New York on these issues, but sometimes there are articles on international affairs as well. In the same spirit, and the BBC.

    The sample is very subjective and, of course, can be supplemented. I wrote out what immediately came to mind.

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