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  1. There is a wonderful book “The World of Sofia” – it is written in a language adapted even for the most beginners. It introduces you to most of the main concepts and schools from antiquity to the twentieth century. submitted in the form of the adventures of a Norwegian teenage girl. At the same time, it seems to me that the line of playfulness/seriousness is maintained. If the writing style itself seems somewhat childish, then in any case the ideas presented should be easily assimilated! Moreover, they are presented chronologically, and attention is paid to the connections and mutual transitions between different paradigms.

  2. The best textbook on philosophy-under the authorship of Doctor of Philological Sciences prof. Grinenko G. V. The material is presented as easily as possible, with convenient diagrams. The book is called “History of Philosophy”.

  3. If the goal is to understand, one book will not be enough. Many authors and their concepts have been reinterpreted for centuries. If you want to read it, then Russell's History of Western Philosophy is a good place to start, even if it's outdated.

  4. There is such a book “Once Plato went to a bar”. In it, all the basic concepts are described using the example of jokes and various everyday stories. All the subtleties are described cheerfully and quite clearly.

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