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  1. Kokorin is a disgrace to the entire football community — he blurted out heresy. I can tell you that the people who surrounded me all my football life — and I achieved a lot in sports, playing for Spartak Moscow-were literate, intelligent people, graduated from universities and institutes. Most of them had higher education, including me. But there are some people who don't see anything but football.�

    In general, I can tell you frankly that in Soviet times education was treated more carefully. The teams were assigned people who were willing to go to universities, despite the schedule of games and training sessions, which makes it very difficult to pass exams. Kokorin is just an exception.�He was brought up badly.

  2. Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini,one of the best defenders in Europe and the world, is crazy about the” Little Prince ” Exupery

    I don't think you should think of football players as idiots who only roll the ball.Their work requires making quick decisions and testing high physical loads,which not everyone is capable of.Yes, and a person on the field,and a person in life-people are different.

  3. It is worth noting that the situation with reading literature (whether scientific or artistic) among football players is not as one-sided as everyone thinks (or as we would like to think). Here is one simple example:
    Evgeny Bashkirov is a graduate of the Zenit football club and now a player of Krylia Sovetov. They will answer for themselves:�


    And so, I read quite a lot of interviews in which football players (and in general athletes that we are stuck with nogomyachists) talk about their literary preferences and favorite authors. No need to look at the world one-sidedly and equate everyone under one corner flag.

  4. Judging by the social networks of football players (although this may be just part of the company's PR), they like to read autobiographies and similar literature written by their colleagues. For example, after the publication of the biography of Sir Alex, the Facebook accounts of both Western football players and our quasi-football players were full of photos with the cover of this book. This also applies to other biographies of successful football players and coaches: Zlatan, Gerrard, Ancelotti and even Vinnie Jones.

    PS In no case can football players be considered “narrow-minded”, this is a stereotype that has developed only in our country. Most of them read no less than the “ordinary” citizens, and the degree of education can give odds to some of them. For example, German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer “flashed” erudition in the German “Who wants to be a millionaire?”, winning half a million and taking the money on the last question

  5. If I were a coach – I would recommend reading fiction to all football players.

    I've read all the classical literature, and now I'm going to reread Pushkin, because he's a genius. I love Tolstoy, Turgenev, and all my favorite writers for a very long time to list. I love Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Konstantin Vanshenkin very much, here is his quatrain:

    God forbid you to know care,

    About the past youth to grieve,

    Doing a job you don't like,

    To live with an unloved woman.

    Do you think intelligence is important? If a person is curious, goes to the theater, reads fiction – is this important or not? Of course it is important! If someone thinks that athletes are busy and they don't need to know the classics, this is their right, but I will say an offensive thing now. They are poor people. Undeveloped. I have no doubt about that.�

    I wish you to reread not only Brodsky and not stop developing.

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