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    • Who is F. M. Dostoevsky and his weight in world literature;

    • the significance and weight of this novel in the history of world philosophy and literature;

    • Ideally, the reader should have a sufficient set of effective tools and arguments to resist the “suicide apology”.;

    • advantages of expensive academic editions of this novel over cheap, mass-produced ones: availability of bibliographic information and detailed commentary.

  1. This is a very strange question… you need to know the time and place, I'll tell you more it is desirable to know the Gospels of Matthew, John, Mark and Luke. And that's the minimum you need to know.

  2. You can do nothing. The novel “Demons” is a brilliant, self-contained work that tells about the archetypes of the revolution.

    But if you want to better understand the historical environment in which the novel was written, you can briefly get acquainted with the Nechaev case, the movement of Narodnaya Volya, nihilists, read what Petrashevsky's circle was (for which Dostoevsky actually went to hard labor), Marx's “Manifesto of the Communist Party”. It is also useful to read about the relationship between Dostoevsky and Turgenev, because Karmazinov is a parody of Turgenev.

    But it is better to do all this not before, but after reading the novel, since the novel, I repeat, is brilliant and absolutely not tied to time.

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